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Abdolhossein Mokhtabad

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Origin  Sari, Iran
Name  Abdolhossein Mokhtabad
Occupation(s)  Singer, composer
Role  Singer
Years active  1992–present
Genres  Music of Iran

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Birth name  Seyed Abdolhossein Mokhtabad
Born  21 April 1966 (age 49) (1966-04-21)
Albums  Dagh-E Tanhayi, Tear of Moonlight (Ashk E Mahtab)
Similar People  Mehdi Chamran, Ali Reza Eftekhari, Iraj Bastami, Alireza Dabir, Shahram Nazeri

Abdolhossein mokhtabad

Seyed Abdolhossein Mokhtabad (Persian: سید عبدالحسین مختاباد, born 21 March 1966) is one of the most popular singers and composers of Persian traditional music. He announced his candidacy for local elections on 20 April 2013 and was elected as a member of City Council of Tehran. He was sworn in on 3 September 2013.


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Abdolhossein mokhtabad behesht e man


He has studied under renowned and legendary Masters, or Ostads, and since his professional debut in 1991, has performed nationally and internationally and produced more than twenty albums.

Mokhtabad’s works are in the classical Persian style of Radif which embodies millennia of mystical musical traditions and philosophies. He is also an accomplished player of the Santur, Setar, Tonbak and Piano. After performing several concerts nationally and internationally (include: Greece, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Austria, Malaysia, Algeria, Oman, Canada, US, etc...), and producing variety of albums, Mokhtabad left Iran in 1998 to study Western Classical music. After two years studying for his B.A. at University Of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, he later went on to pursue his M.A. and doctorate degrees at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Mokhtabad completed his PhD in Western Composition and Ethnomusicology under Professor Stanley Glasser and Professor John Baily at the Goldsmiths, University of London in 2008.

Mokhtabad currently resides in Tehran where he is a member of the faculty at the University of Iranian radio and television and Tehran University, while also continuing in his musical endeavors.


  • 2008  : PhD in Music, Goldsmiths College, University of London
  • 1984–89 : Tehran University B.A, Sociology
  • 1980–84 : 29th of Aban High school, Sari, Iran Diploma, Economic
  • Fluent in Persian, Proficient in English and reading ability in Arabic
  • Music education

  • 2008 PhD in Music Goldsmiths University of London
  • 2002 Second year PhD Student in Music Goldsmiths College, University of London
  • 2001 First year PhD student in Music Goldsmiths College, University of London
  • 2000 Full- time Associate Graduate student in Music Goldsmiths College, University of London
  • 1999-00 Special student in Music, University of Ottawa, (Canada)
  • 1998 English language student at York University in Canada
  • 1994–97 Studying Western Music, Harmony, Counterpoint and familiarity with Piano private classes with the most masters of composers in Iran
  • 1984–93 Vocal training and mastery of the Iranian 12 Modal suites.with Ostad Karim Saleh Azimi, Iranian Radio Music Department)
  • 1988–91 Learning to play Setar School of Music of the art Organisation for Islamic Culture
  • 1984–86 Learning to play santur & Tombak
  • Art Center of Organisation for Islamic Culture
  • Experience

  • 2014 Dean of College of Art & Architecture of Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch
  • 2013 Member of Tehran City Council( Elected by People of Tehran)
  • 2007 until now Member of Board of Directors of Iranian Music Association
  • 2006-8 The cultural and artistic adviser of President of Iranian Technical &vocational Training organization (TVTO)
  • 2005-7 The Cultural and Music Adviser and Head of Regional music in IRIB
  • 2005 Lecturer in Music Department of Iranian Radio and Television Organization
  • 1998 Lecturer The College of Iranian Radio and Television Organization (On leave with fellowship to pursue graduate study)
  • 1997-8 Member of the Music Council Iranian Radio and Television Organization
  • 1996-7 Director, SarV Cultural Center, Municipality 6 of the Tehran Metropolis
  • 1996–97 Member of Music Council of UNSECO in Iran
  • Works

    Tapes & CDs:

    2016 " Siyah Mashgh" An Anthilogy of Persian Old Songs, CD

  • 2011 "Sayeh Doost" Composition and vocal performance, CD
  • 2007 "Mah e Majles" Composition and vocal performance, CD
  • 2006 "Sepid o Siyahí" Collection of songs, vocal performance, CD and cassette
  • 2004 "Behesht e Man" Composition and vocal performance, CD and cassette
  • 2003 "Rangin Kaman e Eshgh" vocal performance and song, CD and Cassette
  • 2002 "Ghasedak" Vocal performance and song, CD and Cassette
  • 1998 "Ghoghay-e Jan." vocal performance and song, CD and Cassette
  • 1998 "Hamnava." Vocal performance and song
  • 1998 "Naz -o Niyaz ." Composition and vocal performance
  • 1997 "Zouragh-e Mahtab." Collection of songs, CD and Cassette
  • 1997 "Saqi-e Rezvan." Collection of songs, CD and cassette
  • 1996 "Dagh-e Tanhaee." Vocal performance and song, Cassette
  • 1995 "Boy-e Gol". Composition, vocal performance and song
  • 1995 "Shekveh." Composition, vocal performance and song, CD and Cassette
  • 1994 "Safar-e Eshq." Vocal performance and song, CD and cassette
  • 1993 "Tamana-ye Vesal". Composition, vocal performance and song CD and Cassette
  • 'B.PERFORMANCES (Concerts):'

    2014 Japan, Tokyo, for Nowrooz Celebration

    2014. Russia, Moscow, Kazan (Tataristan).

    2013. Turkey, Konya City, Arus Celebration, on the Path of Mevlana.

    2013 France (Paris) and Italy (Rom), Rudaki Orchestra, For Nowruz Celebration

    2012 Iran, Sari, Rudaki Orchestra, for Behshar City's Flooding Victims

    2012 Kazakhstan (Astana, Symphonic Orchestra of Kazakhstan)

    2011 USA (Houston, Los Angelis)

    2011 Canada (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto)

    2010 Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur&Johor Bahru)

    2010 US (LA, San-Francisco)

    2010 Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal)

    2010 Tehran (Milaad Hull)

    2010 Azerbaijan (Baku)

    2010 Italy (Rome, Milan)

    2009 Spain (Madrid), Austria (Vienna), and Iranian Symphonic Orchestra at Vahdat Hall

    2008 Kuwait (Qurain Music Festival), Tehran Vahdat Hual

    2007 Kuwait, Algeria, Tehran (Saad Abaad Palace and FAjr Music Festival)

    2006 Concert, London, Paris (in UNESCO), Turkey (Rumi Festival)and Moscow

    2005 Concert, London,

    2004 Concert, Tehran (Fajr Festival)

    2003 Concert, London, Tehran, Isfahan

    2002 Concert, Chelsea town hall, London

    2001 Concert, Gothenburg.

    2001 Concert, Vienna,

    2001 Concert, Royal festival Hall London.

    2000 Concert and presentation, Durham, England

    2000 Concert, Manchester, England

    2000 Concert, Iran, Rudaki Hall

    2000 Concert, U.S.A. Texas.

    1999 Concert, Ottawa, and Toronto, Canada

    1998 Concert, Burns, Switzerland

    1998 Concert, Amsterdam and The Hague, the Netherlands

    1998 Concert, Paris for UNSECO, France

    1997 Concert, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, Canada

    1997 Concert, Leeds, London and Oxford, England

    1996 Concert, Dubai, UAE

    1996 Concert, Muscat, Oman

    1995 Concert, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

    1995 Concert, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

    1994 Concert, Vienna, Austria

    1994 Concert, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    1993 Concert, Thessalonica and Athens, Greece

    1992-00 More than 30 concerts in Tehran and other Iranian cities.

    Essays and workshops

  • 2009 Fundamentals of Musical Composition (Arnold Schoenberg), Translator
  • 2008 The Role and Function of Iranian Music in Radio & TV (Article)
  • 2008 Iran Concert Music and the Policies of Independent Media ( Kristi McGarity), Translator
  • 2007 Iranian Contemporary Art Music ( PhD Thesis)
  • 2006 Music and Media ( Essay presented to IRIB University)
  • 2005 Post-modern Music, Post-modern Thought (Translator)
  • 2000 Workshop and Concert, Afghanistan and Persian Music University of Durham, Durham city, England.
  • 2000 Essay, "History of the Persian Popular Music" "Encyclopaedia of the Popular Music of the World" The Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.
  • References

    Abdolhossein Mokhtabad Wikipedia

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