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Abashiri Quasi National Park

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Location  Hokkaidō, Japan
Area  372.6 km²
Address  Japan
Established  July 1, 1958
Abashiri Quasi-National Park
Nearest city  Abashiri, Kitami, Koshimizu, Ōzora, Saroma, Shari, Yūbetsu
Similar  オホーツクシマリス公園, 網走国定公園 小清水原生花園, Okhotsk Chipmunk Park, Genseika Station, 小清水原生花園

Abashiri Quasi-National Park (網走国定公園, Abashiri Kokutei Kōen) is a quasi-national park in Japan. The park protects the waters and surrounding coastline of the lakes and lagoons along the Sea of Okhotsk on Hokkaidō. This includes such lakes as Lake Abashiri and Lake Notoro as well as Lake Tōfutsu and Lake Saroma. Lake Saroma is the fourth largest lake in Japan. Most of the park lies within the limits of Abashiri in Abashiri Subprefecture of northeastern Hokkaidō.

The park includes a Marine Protected Area, which falls under the IUCN category Ib. The park is either 37261 ha or 43559 ha.

An important part of Abashiri Quasi-National Park is its floral display. Some of the most prominent species are in the following table.


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