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Abancay Province

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Country  Peru
Capital  Abancay
Region  Apurímac
UBIGEO  0301
Abancay Province

The Abancay Province is one of seven provinces of the Apurímac Region in Peru. The capital of the province is the city of Abancay.


Map of Abancay Province, Peru


  • North: Cusco Region
  • East: Cotabambas Province, Grau Province
  • South: Aymaraes Province, Antabamba Province, Grau Province
  • West: Andahuaylas Province, Aymaraes Province
  • Geography

    One of the highest mountains of the province is Ampay located in the Ampay National Sanctuary. Other mountains are listed below:

    Political division

    Abancay Province is divided into nine districts, which are:

    Ethnic groups

    The province is inhabited by indigenous citizens of Quechua descent. Spanish is the language which the majority of the population (51.47%) learnt to speak in childhood, 48.06% of the residents started speaking using the Quechua language and 0.21% using Aymara (2007 Peru Census).


    Abancay Province Wikipedia

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