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Aaron Carotta

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Nationality  American
Role  Television presenter
Name  Aaron Carotta
Years active  2008–present
Other names  Adventure Aaron

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Full Name  Aaron Michael Carotta
Born  November 18, 1977 (age 38) (1977-11-18) United States
Residence  Yutan, Nebraska, United States
Occupation  Explorer, Television presenter, Television producer, Author, Chef
Movies  Alive! with Adventure Aaron, Cooking Cult

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Aaron Michael Carotta (also known as Adventure Aaron) is an American Adventurer and television presenter. He previously started his career through his American TV series Catch and Cook and "Bucket Wish". At the age of 30, Carotta was diagnosed with cancer. He is noted for his television show "Bucket Wish". This was broadcast throughout NZ in 2012 with Carotta helping teenagers who have been diagnosed with cancer. Since 2008 he has since traveled through 60 countries around the world using the term 'Travel Hacking'.


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Carotta is currently working on his world record attempt through the USA. He is canoeing for the 'The Longest Solo Journey in a Canoe' record from the Missouri River to the Gulf of Mexico and then to inland Florida, reaching the Atlantic Ocean.

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Carotta was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 which made him decide to leave his 9 to 5 job and travel around the world. Carotta worked with his own online blog that soon developed into his TV show Alive! with Adventure Aaron. Carotta also was influenced by Timothy Ferriss around the time he was diagnosed with cancer with his book The Four Hour Work Week. After working with the book 60 days later Carotta send his results to Ferris with his own small home made DVD documentary.

Ferris at the time gave Carotta motivation to re-prioritize his life after he read the book, this developed a blog that Carotta created around the time. This then turned into his TV show Alive! with Adventure Aaron.

Television shows

Carotta has been producing his own television shows since 2010. Carotta first produced his first TV show Alive! with Adventure Aaron which was broadcast in the United States, India, Russia, Japan and parts of Europe in 2010.

The show covered different ways to explore areas of the world. Guests included travel writers Rolf Potts and Timothy Ferriss. Carotta developed two seasons of this show.

Carotta then developed his television show Bucket Wish. This show focused on giving other cancer survivors an adventure. The format of the show involved New Zealand CanTeen members sending a letter to the show wishing what they would like to do. Carotta then surprises the CanTeen members after reading their letters and takes them out for their adventure they wished for. Thirteen episodes were produced from the show.

In 2014 Carotta developed an American version of the show.

Carotta started working on his TV Show Catch and Cook from 2012. This TV series involved Carotta being given a list of ingredients for a guest chef. Carotta then had to catch the food for the Chef to then later cook.

The show was shot in various countries around the world including New Zealand, Europe, Russia and the USA.

At the start of 2013 Carotta then released a book based on his Catch and Cook TV Series. This book included all the recipes from the series.

Personal life

In 2008 Carotta was diagnosed with cancer.

During late 2013 Carotta was a part of a documentary in following a New Zealander help met his biological parents for the first time in Russia.

In April 2015 Aaron opened 'The Farm Family Restaurant', a restaurant based on his dishes from his 'Catch & Cook' series in Yutan, Nebraska. In 2016 he sold the restaurant.

World record attempt

In June 2016 Carotta began an attempt to break the Guinness world record for "the longest solo journey in a canoe or kayak" by traveling from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River, down to the Gulf of Mexico and then inland to Florida, reaching the Atlantic Ocean.

Carotta started his journey on 30 June 2016. Starting from Three Forks, Gallatin County, Montana. After 233 days Carotta reached the Gulf of Mexico.

He primally travelled through the Missouri River. Stopping at points along the way through the Mississippi River so he was able to revive himself to continue. Ever since he started the trip he has been broadcasting through Facebook Live on his Facebook Page with his updates on his trip. He released his documentary Finding the Current in 2017 on the journey.

He is doing the Guinness World Record to help raise awareness for an adoption project called I'm Adopted.

Television & filmography

  • Alive! with Adventure Aaron (2010)
  • Bucket Wish (2012)
  • Catch and Cook with Adventure Aaron (2012-2014)
  • Finding the Current (2017)
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