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Country  India
Director  Mainak Bhaumik
Language  Bengali
Aamra movie poster

Release date  2006

Urte chai aamra korbo joy movie

Aamra (Bengali: আমরা "We") is an Indian Bengali movie released in 2006. Directed by Mainak Bhaumik, the movie featured Jisshu Sengupta, Parambrata Chatterjee, Nilanjana Sharma. It is an uncredited remake of the movie Sidewalks of New York, 2001.


Aamra short film full movie 2017 arijit mukherjee


A movie for the youth, about the youth and by the youth. That's precisely what the makers of Aamra proclaims it to be. It is about six characters from diverse backgrounds and their take on love and sex. In fact it is also officially the first sex comedy in Bengali. As the story begins we find Amit Roy, Bhasha Chatterjee, Raj Mukherjee, Shreya Ghosal, Tapash Chatterjee and Sunaina Bannerjee talking about love. Everyone is talking about their first love, lover affairs and love making. Amit is a filmmaker. His first love was Rupa who was a married woman. But they had broken up. Tapash is an academician having an affair with Sunaina. Raj was Shreya's boyfriend but they broke up six months ago. Bhasha is a homemaker. Raj calls himself a future rockstar. They have a rock band. Shreya is a school teacher. Sunaina is a student. Amit and Shreya a suddenly meet in an internet chatroom. They go on a date. Raj also gets attracted to Sunaina. Amit feels an infatuation for Bhasha when she comes for an audition to him. Sunaina does not feel comfortable with Tapash anymore. Bhasha doubts Tapash and says that she wants a divorce. They get divorced. Everybody tries to understand their own actual feelings. They try to get perfect partners for themselves. Sunaina breaks up with Tapash and proposes to Raj. Shreya decides to go for an arranged marriage. Bhasha and Amit get close. Everybody finds the right partner. Amit (Jisshu) is a telefilm director who has just had her girlfriend (Pallavi Chatterjee), older than he is and a wife and mother, walking out of their relationship. On a chat site he meets Shreya (Ananya Chatterjee). Shreya, young, pretty and sexy, is a teacher in a junior high school. She has just dumped Raj (Parambrata) who is a wannabe rockstar struggling to make it big. Raj hooks up Sunny (Debutant Momo), an undergraduate student in the same college/university, who has a secret relationship with Tapas (Kaushik Ghosh), her English professor. Bhasha (Nilanjana) is the professor's wife with an aspiration for acting. She meets Amit for a drama audition and starts liking him in subsequent meets. Except Tapas who is 39, all others are in their early to late twenties.


  • Jisshu Sengupta
  • Parambrata Chatterjee
  • Rudranil Ghosh
  • Amarnath Mukherjee
  • Ashok Biswanathan
  • Pallabi Chatterjee
  • Ananya Chatterjee
  • Mithu Chakraborty
  • Nilanjana Sharma (Sengupta)
  • Crew

  • Writer & Director - Mainak Bhaumik
  • Cinematographer - Soumik Halder
  • Editor - Shamik Chatterjee
  • Music Director - Mayukh Bhaumik
  • Producer - Nitesh Sharma
  • Critical reception

    Mainak Bhaumik, based in US, having made two international award-winning documentaries, debuts with feature film in Aamra. He has used a documentary style and non-linear narrative. The characters introduce themselves to the camera and talk about themselves throughout the film. Around these monologues Mainak weaves a story where they cross the paths of each other and come across new realisations of life. Treatment and style wise the film is a docu-feature on the youth's take on love and sex in contemporary urban society.


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