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ATCvet code QI05

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ATCvet code QI05

ATCvet code QI05 Immunologicals for equidae is a therapeutic subgroup of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System for veterinary medicinal products, a system of alphanumeric codes developed by the WHO for the classification of drugs and other medical products for veterinary use. Subgroup QI05 is part of the anatomical group QI Immunologicals.


National issues of the ATC classification may include additional codes not present in this list, which follows the WHO version.

QI05AA Inactivated viral vaccines

QI05AA01 Equine influenza virus QI05AA03 Equine rhinopneumonitis virus + equine reovirus + equine influenza virus QI05AA04 Equine rhinopneumonitis virus + equine influenza virus QI05AA05 Equine rhinopneumonitis virus QI05AA06 Equine reovirus QI05AA07 Equine arteritis virus QI05AA08 Equine parapox virus QI05AA09 Equine rotavirus QI05AA10 West nile virus QI05AA11 Equine rhinopneumonitis virus + equine abortion virus

QI05AB Inactivated bacterial vaccines (including mycoplasma, toxoid and chlamydia)

QI05AB01 Streptococcus QI05AB02 Actinobacillus + escherichia + salmonella + streptococcus QI05AB03 Clostridium

QI05AC Inactivated bacterial vaccines and antisera

Empty group

QI05AD Live viral vaccines

QI05AD01 Equine rhinopneumonitis virus QI05AD02 Equine influenza virus

QI05AE Live bacterial vaccines

Empty group

QI05AF Live bacterial and viral vaccines

Empty group

QI05AG Live and inactivated bacterial vaccines

Empty group

QI05AH Live and inactivated viral vaccines

Empty group

QI05AI Live viral and inactivated bacterial vaccines

QI05AI01 Equine influenza virus + clostridium

QI05AJ Live and inactivated viral and bacterial vaccines

Empty group

QI05AK Inactivated viral and live bacterial vaccines

Empty group

QI05AL Inactivated viral and inactivated bacterial vaccines

QI05AL01 Equine influenza virus + clostridium

QI05AM Antisera, immunoglobulin preparations, and antitoxins

QI05AM01 Clostridium antiserum QI05AM02 Antilipopolysacharide antiserum QI05AM03 Actinobacillus antiserum + escherichia antiserum + salmonella antiserum + streptococcus antiserum

QI05AN Live parasitic vaccines

Empty group

QI05AO Inactivated parasitic vaccines

Empty group

QI05AP Live fungal vaccines

QI05AP01 Trichophyton

QI05AQ Inactivated fungal vaccines

QI05AQ01 Trichophyton QI05AQ02 Trichophyton + microsporum

QI05AR In vivo diagnostic preparations

QI05AR01 Mallein

QI05AS Allergens

Empty group

QI05AT Colostrum preparations and substitutes

Empty group

QI05AU Other live vaccines

Empty group

QI05AV Other inactivated vaccines

Empty group

QI05AX Other immunologicals

QI05AX01 Parapox ovis virus, inactivated

QI05B Azinine/donkey

Empty group

QI05C Hybride

Empty group

QI05X Equidae, others

Empty group


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