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ASL Airlines Hungary Flight 7332

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Summary  Runway overrun
Fatalities  0
Number of deaths  0
Passenger count  0
Passengers  0
Injuries (non-fatal)  0
Operator  ASL Airlines Hungary
Crew count  2
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Date  4:07AM CET, 5 August, 2016 (2016-08-05UTC03:07)
Site  Bergamo Airport Bergamo, Italy 45° 40′ 8″ N, 9° 42′ 1″ E
Destinations  Orio al Serio International Airport, Bergamo, Italy
Flight origins  Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, France

ASL Airlines Hungary Flight 7332 (QY7332) was a cargo flight from Paris to Bergamo. On August 5, 2016, the aircraft slid off a runway on to a road at Bergamo while landing in bad weather conditions. The aircraft was in DHL livery. The airport was closed for almost three hours after the crash, and flights were re-scheduled or rerouted to Malpensa Airport. The two-person crew was not injured.



The plane landed approximately 2000m into the 2900m runway 28, and did not stop until more than 500m beyond the end of the runway. It broke through the airport perimeter fence and rolled onto an active four-lane highway, with some vehicles narrowly escaping a collision and others in the adjacent parking lot being destroyed in the process. The aircraft left a long trail of destruction as it rolled off from the runway.

It sustained substantial damage, losing its CFM56 engines and main landing gear, and fracturing the horizontal stabilizer.


Italian air investigation agency ANSV began an inquiry into the accident. The CVR and DFDR were retrieved on the day of the accident. A preliminary report was released on 21st September 2016.


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