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Available in  Russian
Owner  ARU Television OÜ
Launched  28 January 2015
Headquarters  Tallinn, Estonia
Website  aru.tv
Type of site  Web television News site

ARU.TV is a Russian language web TV channel and news site based in Tallinn, Estonia. The project is aimed to combat Kremlin propaganda and targets people in Russia and the Russian-speaking population of Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic States.



At the moment ARU TV offers several regular shows:

  • Multi-Colored News is an original show by Russian journalist Artemy Troitsky devoted to analyzing key events of the week.
  • Time to Lie is an animated sketch story in the political satire genre that parodies the propaganda style of government-owned media.
  • The Expert show offers comments and forecasts of prominent analysts regarding important subjects.
  • Trash Parade is a quarterly satirical ranking of the most absurd socio-political events in the post-Soviet region.
  • Cotton Tidings is a satirical digest of news about Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian politics.
  • Besides that ARU TV’s website has a news feed and blogs.

    The team

    According to DELFI news website, ARU TV employs experts in the field of media and communications from Russia and other post-Soviet countries. The project is led by Belarusian internet producer Pavel Marozau who was granted political asylum in Estonia after Belarusian authorities had tried to bring charges against him in the Multclub case. Famous Russian journalist Artemy Troitsky has been working with ARU TV from the very beginning. He hosts there an original show called Multi-Colored News.

    ARU TV’s headquarters are in Tallinn, Estonia. According to Pavel Marozau, «since we are based in Estonia, our project can freely bring the audience an alternative point of view on key events. That’s different from Russia and Belarus, where independent media are being put under pressure more and more often».


    Currently ARU TV’s productions are published on its official website, YouTube channel and in social networks. Part of the content produced by the channel is rebroadcast by its partners: Novaya Gazeta (Russia), Espreso TV cable channel (Ukraine), Delfi (Lithuania) and BDG (Belarus).


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