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ARO 24 Series

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Manufacturer  ARO
Class  Off-road vehicle
Production  1972–2006
ARO 24 Series
Assembly  Câmpulung-Muscel, Romania
Body style  2-door convertible 3-door SUV 4-door SUV 4-door convertible 5-door SUV 2-door pickup 4-door pickup
Layout  Front-engine, rear-wheel drive / Four-wheel drive

The ARO 240 is a two-door 4x4 off-road vehicle, which was manufactured by ARO from 1972 to 2006. It was the first of the ARO 24 series, which eventually included many other models: the four-door 244, the 242 pick-up, the three-door 243, the 320 pick-up, and many other body trims. Last special military versions were called ARO Dragon.


It is equipped with many different engines (both gas and Diesel), and comes in both 4x2 and 4x4 versions. Notable improvements over the years were the introduction of Romanian Diesel engines, units equipped with Toyota engines, and units equipped with Romanian-built turbo Diesel engines. The ARO-24s are no longer in production, as ARO was shut down.

Plans to market the ARO 244 in the United States as the Cross Lander 244X in 2005 were eventually cancelled. During the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s the original Romanian ARO 4X4 Series were also produced under alternative names often with modified running gear depending on the export market. In Portugal they were assembled in Lisbon and locally known as the PORTARO 4X4 and in Spain they were called HISPARO 4X4 with a reshaped bodyshell and better equipped.

Off-road vehicles

  • ARO 240 2-door Convertible
  • ARO 241 4-door Convertible
  • ARO 243 3-door
  • ARO 244 4-door
  • ARO 246 5-door
  • Light commercial vehicles

  • ARO 242 Regular Cab Pick-up
  • ARO 320 Regular Cab Pick-up
  • ARO 324 Double Cab Pick-up
  • ARO 330 Long Cab Pick-up
  • Others Versions: 243 VAN, 263, 264, 266, 323 Ambulance, 324, 328 MaxiTaxi, 330, 330BB, 330C, 33N, 338TC, 350BC, 35S Ambulance, 35M, 429TC/TP.

    Military vehicles

    The ARO Dragon came in several variants to include different bodywork. There was even an armored variant.

    The ARO Dragon Zivil was a civilian version of the Dragon.


    The first generation of ARO 24, between 1972 and 1976, had Dacia 1300 headlights and round taillights similar to the ARO M-461. From 1977, round headlights were used like in the IMS and the rear lights were restyled. In 1985, a new front grille and smaller round headlights were introduced. Also, they were available with double headlights, that were used mostly on the 244. In 1995, the double headlight front design was slightly restyled and the rear lights were used Oltcit Club lamps. The last restyling, in 1998, was a slight facelift of the previous model and it introduced the so-called Toyota-type ornaments.


    ARO 24 Series Wikipedia

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