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Names  Daichi 2
Operator  JAXA
SATCAT №  39766
Inclination  97.92°
Launch mass  2,120 kg
Launch date  24 May 2014
Mission type  Remote sensing
COSPAR ID  2014-029A
Inclination  97.92°
Period  1.6 hours
Launch mass  2,120 kg
ALOS-2 ALOS2RESTEC Advanced Land Observation Satellite 2 data
Similar  Advanced Land Observati, JERS‑1, Greenhouse Gases Observin, Sentinel‑1A, WINDS

Advanced land observing satellite 2 alos 2 daichi 2 gazing into earth s expression

Advanced Land Observing Satellite 2 (ALOS 2), also called Daichi 2, is a 2-ton Japanese satellite launched in 2014. Although the predecessor ALOS satellite had featured 2 optical cameras in addition to 1.2 GHz (L-band) radar, ALOS-2 had optical cameras removed to simplify construction and reduce costs. The PALSAR-2 radar is a significant upgrade of the PALSAR radar, allowing higher-resolution (1x3m per pixel) spotlight modes in addition to the 10m resolution survey mode inherited from the ALOS spacecraft. Also, the SPAISE2 automatic ship identification system and the Compact Infra Red Camera (CIRC) will provide supplementary data about sea-going ships and provide early warnings of missile launches.



Advanced land observing satellite 2 daichi 2 alos 2


ALOS-2 was launched from Tanegashima, Japan, on 24 May 2014 by a H-IIA rocket.


ALOS-2 ALOS2 Overview

The satellite contains a 1.2 GHz synthetic-aperture radar sensor that is intended to be used for cartography, monitoring of naval traffic and disaster monitoring of Asia and the Pacific. JAXA initially hoped to be able to launch the successor to ALOS during 2011, but these plans were delayed until 2014 because of budget restrictions.

ALOS-2 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC News ReleasesMitsubishi Electric Develops ALOS

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ALOS-2 JAXA Advanced Land Observing Satellite2 quotDAICHI2quot ALOS2
ALOS-2 ALOS 2 Daichi 2 Gunter39s Space Page
ALOS-2 JAXA Advanced Land Observing Satellite2 quotDAICHI2quot ALOS2


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