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AKT 4 kit

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AKT-4 kit


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AKT-4 kit is an anti-tuberculosis drug containing:

  • 1 (tab) - Ethambutol Hydrochloride 800 mg + isoniazid 300 mg
  • 2 (tabs) - pyrazinamide 750 mg
  • 1 (cap) - rifampicin 450 mg
  • Side effects

  • Ethambutol  : retrobulbar optic neurits (vision problem)
  • Isoniazide  : hepatocellular jaundice, peripheral neuropathy in bilateral foot.
  • Pyrazinamide : jaundice, hyperuricemia so can precipitate gout.
  • Rifampicin  : Jaundice, Flu like syndrome, rashes, decreased platelet count, orange coloured urine.
  • Usage

    The red-coloured capsule must be taken either 1 hour before breakfast or 2 hours after breakfast. After taking the capsule the patient must not eat anything (except water) for at least an hour. The remaining 3 tablets can be taken with food. These tablets can be taken together, i.e., all three with breakfast or lunch or dinner. The 3 tablets can also be taken separately after different meals, but the timings should be maintained.

    During the course of these medicine, the patient's urine, tears, sweat may turn orange. This is a normal event and patients must not panic. When in doubt, patients must consult their health provider.

    Along with AKT-4, many patients may need supplements for Vitamin B6(Pyridoxine) and Folic Acid. Diabetics must monitor their blood sugars regularly while taking anti-tubercular treatment. Certain groups of patients like elderly, diabetics, pre-existing liver disease, chronic alcohol use, etc. must monitor their Liver Function Tests regularly while taking anti-tubercular treatment.


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