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AIOM Associazione di Ingegneria OffShore e Marina

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Type  Engineering Society
Membership  110
Headquarters  Milan, Italy
Official language  Italian
AIOM Associazione di Ingegneria OffShore e Marina
Formation  February 20, 1982 (1982-02-20)
President  Elio Ciralli (since 2007)

AIOM - Associazione di Ingegneria Off-Shore e Marina is the Italian Association of Maritime and Off-Shore Engineering. Tha Association was founded in Milan in 1982 for creating a forum for scientist and engineers involved in maritime professional activities. In 2012 was celebrated the 30th Anniversary, with several celebrating events. AIOM organizes congresses, conferences, seminars and other events with the aim of the continue formative program of professionals in the fields of interest. AIOM supports and cooperates with several national and international bodies during their activities (ASME, IALCCE, e.g.). For this reason AIOM has strong relationships with many universities and research centers.



AIOM main organism is the assembly of members and operates through a Directorate and a President. AIOM has several Operative Centers, sited in important Italian universities.

AIOM Operative Units

AIOM has the following Operative Centers (Sedi Operative AIOM):

  • Sede Operativa AIOM di Bologna
  • Sede Operativa AIOM della Campania
  • Sede Operativa AIOM di Genova
  • Sede Operativa AIOM di Palermo
  • Sede Operativa AIOM di Reggio Calabria
  • Sede Operativa AIOM del Salento
  • The number of the Operative Centers is going to be enlarged.

    AIOM Bulletin

    AIOM has published bulletins reporting technical articles of scientists and technicians involved with maritime and off-shore engineering.

    Giornate AIOM and Studi di Aggiornamento sull'Ingegneria Off-Shore e Marina

    AIOM organized very successful congresses and events on regular basis. "Giornate AIOM" were useful meetings for experts and technicians involved in these fields. AIOM organizes regularly the follow-up studies on maritime and off-shore engineering. The last editions were:

  • Studi di aggiornamento AIOM 2011 - Università di Lecce
  • Studi di aggiornamento AIOM 2012 - Università di Reggio Calabria
  • Studi di aggiornamento AIOM 2013 - Università di Bologna
  • Studi di aggiornamento AIOM 2014 - Università di Palermo
  • AIOM Plaque to Careers

    From 2012, AIOM recognizes regularly the "AIOM Plaques" to award personalities distinguished in the fields of interest.

    AIOM Award for university degree thesys

    From 2014 AIOM started a specific award to recognize excellency of university degreee thesys in the marine and offshore engineering field.


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