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Genres  Noise rock
Active until  2012
Origin  Montreal, Canada (2003)
Years active  2003–2012
Genre  Noise rock
AIDS Wolf PS I Love You is very likeable amp AIDS Wolf is noisey PS I Love You
Associated acts  Hamborghinni, Drainolith
Past members  Yannick Desranleau (Hiroshima Thunder) Chloe Lum (Special Deluxe) Alexander Moskos Chris Taylor (Barbarian Destroyer) Nick Kuepfer André Guérette (Him, the Maji) Myles Broscoe
Albums  The Lovvers LP, Ma Vie Banale Avant-Garde
Record labels  Skin Graft Records, Lovepump United Records, Kitty Play Records
Similar  Athletic Automaton, Arab on Radar, Brendan Reed, An Albatross, Drainolith

Aids wolf live september 2010

AIDS Wolf were a Canadian noise rock band, who debuted on Pasalymany tapes but moved to Skin Graft Records and Lovepump United. The band received critical attention for their albums The Lovvers LP and Cities of Glass.


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Aids wolf mt


AIDS Wolf AIDS Wolf thumbs

According to singer Chloe Lum, the name "AIDS Wolf" comes from an urban legend wherein wolves carry AIDS and pass it to house pets who then pass it on to people:

AIDS Wolf PS I Love You is very likeable amp AIDS Wolf is noisey PS I Love You

"We didn’t come up with AIDS Wolf as a concept. The idea has been floating around in the public psyche for a while. In urban legend, wolves transmit AIDS instead of rabies; in depressing college towns, street gangs spray-paint ‘AIDS Wolf’ on the side of buildings."

The band has given other answers to similar questions, however:

AIDS Wolf AIDS Wolf thumbs

"My partner and I were on a road trip in Ohio, and it just came to us. It was a universal message. It's a combination of our spirit peers in An Albatross (animal) and The Sick Lipstick (R.I.P.) (illness). It fits, because we're a little bit no–wave and a little bit hardcore, like each of those bands. It's also a message that we as humans must take care for our animal siblings as their health is a barometer of our own survival."

The band broke up in March 2012.


  • Freedom Summer cassette (2005) Pasalymany Tapes
  • Live Deth 3" CDR (2005) co-released by the band and Kitty Play Records
  • AIDS Wolf/The Fugue 7" split (2005) Blood of the Drash Records
  • The Lovvers LP LP/CD (2006) Skin Graft Records (vinyl format) & Lovepump United Records (cd format)
  • AIDS Wolf/Dmonstrations/Pre/Crack und Ultra Eczema 2 x 7" 4-way split (LPU 7" Series vol. 1) (2006) Lovepump United Records
  • Clash of the Life-Force Warriors AIDS Wolf vs. Athletic Automaton collaborative LP/CD (2007) Skin Graft Records
  • Live Dates AIDS Wolf/Pre 7" split (2007) Skin Graft Records
  • Chipped Teeth 7" EP (2008) SlowBoy Records
  • AIDS Wolf/Night Wounds 12" EP split (2008) Nail In The Coffin Records
  • Cities of Glass LP/CD (2008) Skin Graft Records (cd format) Lovepump United Records (vinyl format)
  • Pas Rapport cassette (2009) released by the band
  • Dustin' Off The Sphynx EP/CD (2009) Skin Graft Records
  • AIDS Wolf/Satanized 7" split (2010) Badmaster Records & Suicide Tax Records
  • Very Friendly remix 12" EP (2010) Lovepump United Records
  • March to the Sea LP/CD (2010) Skin Graft Records
  • An Insane and Abstract Hell (Dedicated To Two Dudes From Rusted Shut) 3 x cassette (2011) Zum
  • Soaked in Oil 7" EP (2011) We Are Busy Bodies
  • Ma vie banale avant-garde LP (2011) Lovepump United Records
  • Songs

    Spit Tastes Like MetalThe Lovvers LP · 2006
    We MultiplyThe Lovvers LP · 2006
    The Hat CollectorThe Lovvers LP · 2006


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