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AEC railmotor

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Designer  Victorian Railways
Constructed  1922-1925
Assembly  Victorian Railways
Entered service  1922-1954
AEC railmotor
Manufacturer  Associated Equipment Company (Chassis & Engine) Victorian Railways (Body)
Built at  Newport Railway Workshops

The AEC railmotor was the first generally successful railmotor built for the Victorian Railways in south-eastern Australia. 19 vehicles were built from 1922 through 1925, along with 24 trailer vehicles built to a similar design.



Four different internal layout were used, providing for different traffics.


  • AEC railmotors were used on the Reservoir - Whittlesea shuttle service from 1924 until 1931.
  • On the Outer Circle line a pair of AEC railmotors coupled back to back operated the Deepdene Dasher service from Riversdale to Deepdene from 15 August 1926 until 10 October 1927 when the service was replaced by buses.
  • On the Upfield line an AEC railmotor operated a shuttle service between Fawkner and Somerton (on the site of today's Roxburgh Park station) from the reopening of the section in 1928, until 1956 when the line north from Fawkner was closed.
  • Withdrawal & Preservation

    The AEC's were withdrawn throughout the 1950s as the new Walker railmotors came into service.

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  • Steam Era Models
  • References

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