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AE Aurigae

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Magnitude  5.998
Apparent magnitude (V)  5.998
Constellation  Auriga
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Similar  IC 405, Mu Columbae, NGC 1893, 53 Arietis, Beta Aurigae

AE Aurigae (AE Aur) is a runaway star in the constellation Auriga; it lights the Flaming Star Nebula.



AE Aurigae APOD 2001 December 4 AE Aurigae The Flaming Star

AE Aurigae is a blue O-type main sequence dwarf with a mean apparent magnitude of +6.0. It is classified as an Orion type variable star and its brightness varies irregularly between magnitudes +5.78 and +6.08. It is approximately 1,700 light-years from Earth.

AE Aurigae AE Aurigae and IC405 The Flaming Star Nebula photo Harel Boren

AE Aur is a runaway star that might have been ejected during a collision of two binary star groups. This collision, which also is credited with ejecting Mu Columbae and possibly 53 Arietis, has been traced to the Trapezium cluster in the Orion Nebula two million years ago. The binary Iota Orionis may have been the other half of this collision.

AE Aurigae National Optical Astronomy Observatory AE Aurigae

AE Aur is seen to light up the Flaming Star nebula, but it was not formed within it. Instead it is passing through the nebula at high speed and producing a violent bow shock and high energy electromagnetic radiation.


AE Aur has a close 8th magnitude companion component B.

AE Aurigae AE Aurigae Wikipedia

There is also a more distant companion HD 34042, sometimes called component C, which has a spectral type of A5.

AE Aurigae AE Aurigae Wikipedia
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AE Aurigae Wikipedia