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ACT Greens

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Leader  Shane Rattenbury
Ideology  Green Politics
Founded  1992
ACT Greens
Headquarters  85 Northbourne Avenue, Turner ACT 2612
International affiliation  Global Greens Asia-Pacific Green Network

The ACT Greens is a green political party located in the Australian Capital Territory, and a member of the federation of the Australian Greens.


As of the 2008 election, the ACT Greens hold the balance of power in the 17-member Legislative Assembly, with four members, to Labor's seven and the Liberals with six. After almost two weeks of deliberations with both the Labor and Liberal parties, the Greens chose to support a Labor minority government.

The Greens and the ALP signed a 'Parliamentary Agreement' to formalize the arrangement. Under the agreement, the Greens secured a range of policy outcomes in the areas of schools and education, health service provision, housing, public transport and gay rights. It also ensures that the Greens will Chair three of the Assembly's key committees. In exchange, the Greens agreed to maintain confidence in Chief Minister Jon Stanhope. The Greens also secured Government support for the nomination of Shane Rattenbury as Speaker of the Assembly.

The Greens have required the Government to report on progress against the measures outlined in the agreement on an annual basis. The first joint communiqué on the progress of the agreement was issued in July 2008. The next communiqué will be issued in July 2010.

Following the 2012 ACT election, Shane Rattenbury was the only ACT Greens MLA to retain his seat in the Legislative Assembly., however he entered into a power sharing arrangement to allow the Labor Party to form minority government.

Rattenbury retained a seat in the expanded Legislative Assembly at the 2016 ACT election. Caroline Le Couteur was also reelected after losing her seat in 2012. The Greens maintained their position in the balance of power for a third consecutive term, again supporting a Labor minority government.

Election results

Candidates from the ACT Greens have not been elected to either the Senate or the Lower House of federal parliament.

Current Legislative Assembly members

  • Shane Rattenbury (2008-current)
  • Caroline Le Couteur (2008-2012, 2016-current)
  • Previous Legislative Assembly members

  • Lucy Horodny (1995-1998)
  • Kerrie Tucker (1995-2004)
  • Deb Foskey (2004-2008)
  • Amanda Bresnan (2008-2012)
  • Meredith Hunter (2008-2012)
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