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Type  rifle grenade
Used by  French Army
Length  380 mm
Place of origin  France
Weight  500 grams
Manufacturer  Luchaire SA (now Nexter)

The AC 58 (Anti-Char, 58 mm) is an anti-armour rifle grenade used by the French Army. Its official French Army designation is Grenade à fusil antichar de 58 mm Mle F1 PAB.



The AC 58 comprises a body with a shaped charge warhead and a tail fitted with stabilizing fins. Detonation is initiated by a nose impact and a base fuse.

Two version of the AC 58 exist:

  • the older F1 model which must be fired with a blank cartridge
  • the current F2 model which uses a bullet trap that allows the use of live rounds
  • Use

    To launch, first place the AC58 F2 over the muzzle of a FAMAS or any NATO rifle with a STANAG muzzle device. Second, point the rifle at the target. Third, fire the rifle. The impact of the bullet striking the bullet-trap and the expanding gases will launch and arm the grenade. The grenade will explode on impact.

    The AC58 is used in direct fire. Under an optimal angle, the AC 58 is capable of piercing 350mm of armour. The FAMAS provides a built in alidade type aiming device for launching the grenade from 75 or 100 meters.

    The warhead of the AC58 is also used by the Luchaire Wasp 58 individual antiarmour/assault weapon.


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