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AB Thulinverken

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Founded  1914
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AB Thulinverken was a company in Landskrona, Sweden, founded in 1914 as Enoch Thulins Aeroplanfabrik by the airman and aircraft technician Enoch Thulin. The company became Sweden's first aircraft manufacturer. In 1920, Thulin also started manufacturing automobiles, which continued until 1928. During World War I, the company came into financial difficulties and was reconstructed in 1922 as AB Thulinverken. The manufacturing of brake systems became a main focus of the company. In 1958, Thulinverken merged with Svenska AB Bromsregulator (founded in 1913). The remains of Thulinverken are now a part of SAB Wabco AB, which is owned by the French Faiveley Transport company since 2004.


Aircraft Engines

  • Thulin A (air-cooled, 9-cylinder, 80 hp Le Rhône 9C rotary engine, bore x stroke 105mm x 140mm)
  • Thulin D (possibly the 18-cylinder 160 hp Le Rhône 18E, essentially a double-row 9C)
  • Thulin E(possibly the water-cooled, 6-cylinder 150 hp Benz Bz.III. Also manufactured by Scania-Vabis.
  • Thulin G (air-cooled, 11-cylinder, 100 hp Le Rhône 11F rotary, bore x stroke 105mm x 140mm)
  • Automobiles

  • Thulin A
  • Thulin B
  • Motorcycles

  • Thulin MC I
  • Thulin MC II
  • Thulin MC II
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