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A34 autoroute

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Length  45 km
Highway system  Autoroutes of France
A34 autoroute

Autoroute A34 is a toll free motorway in northeastern France, approximately 98 kilometres (61 mi) long. It is an upgrade of the N43 and N51. It links Sedan with Reims. It forms part of European routes E44 and E46.


Map of A34, France

Numbered A203

  • 00 Exchange A-203-N43 Start of the autoroute from N43 to Belgium (east)
  • 04 Sedan-ouest Towns served: Sedan, France
  • 05 Donchery Towns served: Donchery
  • 06 'Vrigne au Bois Towns served: Viver-au-Court, Vrigne-aux-Bois
  • 07 Lumes Towns served: Lumes
  • 08 Villers Semeuse Towns served: Villers Semeuse, Charleville-Mézières
  • 09 Exchange A-203-N43-A34 Junction of the A203, N43 (to Cambrai) and A34 south.
  • Numbered A34

  • 10 km 1 St Marceau Towns served: St Marceau
  • 11 km 6 Boulzicourt Towns served: Boulzicourt
  • 12 km 8 Yvernaumont Towns served: Yvernaumont
  • 13 km 13 Poix-Terron Towns served: Poix-Terron
  • 14 km 24 Faissault Towns served: Faissault
  • 15 km 38 Bertoncourt Towns served: Rethel, Bertoncourt
  • 00 Exchange N51-A34 The autoroute becomes the N51 towards Reims.
  • 25 Witry-lès-Reims - N51 The autoroute becomes the A34 again with a junction with the N51 north east of Reims. Towns served: Reims, Witry-lès-Reims
  • 00 km 00 RNR (proposed) Towns served: Reims
  • 26 km 00 Cernay-lès-Reims (proposed) Towns served: Reims, Cernay-lès-Reims
  • 27 km 00 Reims-Europe Towns served: Reims
  • xx km 00 Porte Farman Sud Towns served: Reims
  • xx km 00 Zone Industrielle Pompelle Towns served: Reims
  • xx km 00 Parc des Expositions Towns served: Reims
  • 00 Cormontreuil/Exchange A4-A34 The autoroute has a junction with the A4 to Paris (west), Metz (east). Towns served: Cormontreuil
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