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A2212 road

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North end:  Lee Green
Primary destinations:  Bromley
South end:  Bromley
Length  5.8 km
A2212 road

The A2212 road is a 4-digit, non-primary A road in southeast London, England; it is 5.7 km (3.5 mi) long and runs in a north to south direction from Lee Green, to Bromley passing through Grove Park, Downham, Plaistow and Sundridge. Bromley is the only one of these places which is a primary destination.


Map of A2212, United Kingdom

The road begins at Lee Green cross roads coming off the A20 road, ends in Bromley joining the A21 road, and is crossed by the A205 road about 1.2 km (0.75 mi) south of Lee Green. Grove Park traffic lights are approximately the midpoint of the road about 2.8 km (1.7 mi) from both Bromley and Lee Green. Much of this road has names dating from before 1850 such as Burt Ash Lane. Baring Road is named after Viscount Baring of 'Lee in the County of Kent' and begins at Lee where the South Circular crosses.

In total the road has eight names in different places, approximately half the length of the road has "Burnt Ash" used within its name. From north to south the different names are:

  • Burnt Ash Road
  • Burnt Ash Hill
  • Baring Road
  • Burnt Ash Lane
  • (Plaistow Green Roundabout)
  • Nichol Lane
  • College Road
  • Cambridge Road
  • Paxton Road
  • College Road
  • The road is in two London boroughs and two postcode districts. At the northern end 3.4 km of the route called Burnt Ash Hill, Burnt Ash Road and Baring Road, is within the London Borough of Lewisham and the SE12 postcode district. At the southern end 2.3 km of the route, Burnt Ash Lane, College Road and Plaistow Green roundabout are within the London Borough of Bromley and the BR1 postcode district.

    London buses

    There are two bus stations close to the A2212 road. Grove Park bus station on the west side of Baring Road in Grove Park north of the traffic lights. Bromley North bus station is on station road in Bromley alongside Bromley North railway station about
    150 m (500 ft) east of College Road traffic lights the southern end of the A2212 road.

    The following London buses travel along parts of the A2212.

    124  • 126  • 136  • 181  • 202  • 261  • 273  • 284  • 314  • 336  • N136

    The 261 bus uses the whole length of the road, on its route from Lewisham through Lee and Grove Park to Bromley or Locksbottom. The 202 bus uses Burnt Ash Road and Burnt Ash Hill the northern part of the A2212 on its route from Blackheath through Lee and Hither Green to Catford. The 273 bus journey joins the road twice on Burnt Ash Hill and Baring Road using smaller side roads in between on its route from Lewisham through Hither Green, Lee, Grove Park, Chinbrook, Mottingham, Chislehurst to Petts Wood. The 126 bus uses the southern half of the A2212, Burnt Ash Lane and College Road on its route from Eltham through Mottingham, Chinbrook, Grove Park, Plaistow, and Sundridge to Bromley; part its route is identical to part of the 261 bus route. The buses 314 and 336 use College Road the southernmost part of the A2212 between Plaistow Green and Bromley. The buses 124, 181, 273, 284 and N36 stop at Grove Park bus station and use a small part of Baring Road there. There are also several other buses that stop at both ends of the A2212 at Lee Green and Bromley that do not use the road, and the 160 bus travels along the A205 road and stops at its junction with the A2212.

    Railway transport

    There are four railway stations and three railway lines near the A2212 road. Lee and Grove park railway stations have their main entrance on the road while those of Sundridge Park and Bromley North stations are both within 200 m of it; all four stations are located east of the road. Lee station the northernmost of these stations is on the Dartford loop line, here the A2212 passes under a railway bridge where the A2212's name changes from Burnt Ash Road to the north and Burnt Ash Hill to the South. Grove Park station is at the midpoint of the A2212 and is on the Southeast Main Line and the Bromley North Line.


    Coordinates of junctions

  • Lee Green (A2212 - A20 junction): 51.4565°N 0.0115°E / 51.4565; 0.0115
  • St. Mildreds Road (A2212 - A205 junction): 51.4462°N 0.0142°E / 51.4462; 0.0142
  • Grove Park: 51.4313°N 0.0210°E / 51.4313; 0.0210
  • Plaistow Green: 51.4145°N 0.0178°E / 51.4145; 0.0178
  • Bromley (A2212 - A21 junction): 51.4090°N 0.0142°E / 51.4090; 0.0142
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