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A2 motorway (Albania)

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Length  45 km
Major cities  Fier
A2 motorway (Albania)
North end:  SH4 in Mbrostar interchange, part of Fier Bypass (under construction)
South end:  SH8 in Orikum at Vlora Bypass (under construction)

The A2 (Albanian: Rruga autostradale 2 or Autostrada e Pavarësisë; Independence Highway) is a four-lane motorway stretching between Fier and Vlorë along the Adriatic Sea coast of Albania. The total construction cost for the motorway amounted to 60 million euros as the project underwent changes to accommodate for the rising levels of Vjosa River.


Map of A 2, Vlor%C3%AB, Albania

The A2 has dramatically alleviated congestion on the SH8 in the summer season by allowing faster travel time to Adriatic seaside resorts along SH4, and further south to the Albanian Riviera. At Levan near Fier, the motorway links with the newly built SH4 single carriageway to Greece through Tepelenë and Gjirokastër.

Fier and Vlore Bypasses

The preceding SH4 Highway in the northern edge stretching between Durrës, Kavaje, Lushnje, and Fier has undergone widening to dual carriageway standards, and will be linked with A2 through the Fier Bypass which is 22 km long.On 3 February 2015, the Albanian Government received funding for the Vlore Bypass 29 km long linking A2 with coastal SH8 along the Albanian Riviera.

It is expected to start around mid/late 2015 and be completed in 2016 or early 2017 stretching from the southern end of A2 to Orikum.


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