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A1066 road

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From:  Thetford
Length  28.2 km
To:  Diss
A1066 road

The A1066 is a road in Great Britain which is predominantly in Norfolk, though it briefly straddles the border with Suffolk. It joins the towns of Thetford and Diss and roads A134 and A140. It is a primary route in the zone number 1. It runs west to east and is approximately 17 12 miles (28.2 km) long, or 16 34 miles (27.0 km) as the crow flies.


Map of A1066, Roydon, Diss IP22, UK


Thetford to Garboldisham

The road leaves Thetford to the east at a roundabout junction with the A134 north to the A11 and Thetford and A1088 south to Euston and the A143. On the right there are two turns to Ashford and then two on the left for Shadwell and Brettenham. After another turn on the left and right there is a crossroads for Gasthorpe and part of Thetford Forest Park. After this the road enters Garboldisham, here it crosses the B1111 south for the A143, Hopton and Barningham and north for East Harling and the A11. In Garboldisham it crosses a tributary of the River Waveney.

Garboldisham to South Lopham

Shortly after leaving Gartboldisham to the east there is a crossroads for Smallworth to the south. Then there is a road on the left for North Lopham. After that junction you come to the first of two South Lopham junctions, a right hand turn on to an unclassified road to Blo Norton. The second is a crossroads with the B1113 to the south to Redgrave, Botesdale and the A143. North on an unclassified road to North Lopham and Kenninghall.

South Lopham to Diss

On leaving South Lopham the road crosses two tributaries of the River Waveney. Then there is a crossroads to Fersfield in the north and the B1113 to the south west. Next there is another right and two left turns in to Bressingham. The road then reaches Roydon where there is a crossroads and three further left turns, one of which is a B road (Old High Road) providing access to Diss from the west. After leaving Roydon the road travels south of Diss where there are two left turns in to the town and a crossroads with the B1077 in to Diss and an unclassified road (Lower Denmark Street) south to Palgrave. The road then passes another turn to Palgrave and another crossroads with an unclassified road round Diss to the north and the B1077 road (Stuston Road) to Stuston and the A143 14 mile (0.40 km) south. In 12 mile (0.80 km) the road reaches its end at a roundabout with the A140 with dual carriageway to the left and right. Straight on here is to a village called Scole on an unclassified road.

South of Diss it straddles the border between the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Main Junctions

This table shows junctions with classified roads.


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