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A1018 road

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North end:  A183, South Shields
Primary destinations:  Sunderland
South end:  A19, Seaham
Length  21.6 km
A1018 road

The A1018 is a road in North East England. It runs between South Shields, at the mouth of the River Tyne, and the A19 near Seaham, County Durham. Most of the route it follows is the old alignment of the A19, before it by-passed Sunderland to meet the Tyne Tunnel.


Map of A1018, United Kingdom

South Tyneside section

The road begins in the centre of South Shields, near the Town Hall as Westoe Road. This single carriageway road runs to Westoe Bridges where it splits with Southbound traffic continuing on Westoe Road and Northbound traffic using Imeary Street. Southbound traffic then uses Dean Road to bring it to the roundabout with Sunderland Road and Imeary Street. The A1018 then continues on Sunderland Road becoming dual carriageway at its junction with Wood Terrace. The road then continues past the Readhead Park to become King George Road. This continues as dual carriageway as it crosses the A1300 until it reaches the Ridgeway where it becomes Shields Road as single carriageway. The road then extends through Cleadon Village, becoming Sunderland Road at the junction with Cleadon Lane, this remains so until the border with Sunderland.

Sunderland section and Sunderland Southern Radial Route

As the road enters City of Sunderland from the north, it is known as Shields Road, which then becomes Newcastle Road. This long straight section passes through the Boldons, Fulwell and Monkwearmouth towards the River Wear.

Newcastle Road ends at a large roundabout. The road that heads directly towards the river, North Bridge Street, is north-bound only for traffic. Southbound traffic takes a detour along Roker Avenue and then Church Street North. At this point, the A1018 merges with the A183 road (which also begins in the centre of South Shields). The two roads join, opposite St Peter's Church and becomes Dame Dorothy Street, and turns left across the Wearmouth Bridge into the centre of the City of Sunderland.

On the south side of the Wear, the A1018 heads east toward Hendon as West Wear Street and then Sans Street in the heart of Old Sunderland and the East End. It then continues through Hendon via West Wear Street, Hendon Road and Commercial Road into Grangetown as the Southern Radial Route. At the junction with Ocean Road, it then follows a newly opened alignment, bypassing Ryhope, to meet Stockton Road at the Wellfield Roundabout.

Sunderland Southern Radial Route

The Southern Radial Route consists of upgraded sections of road and new road links to provide a fast and direct route from the south of Ryhope Village towards Sunderland City Centre.

The former route of the A1018, Ryhope Road, was renumbered to the B1522 and will be converted to a No Car Lane between Grangetown and Park Lane Interchange.

On Ryhope Road, two of the current four lanes of road will be used for cars, and the other two for mixed traffic excluding cars.

The Southern Radial Route is the preferred route for motorists to use but it can lead to confusion as most of the signs along the old route still say A1018 and have not been replaced or altered to say B1522.


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