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A1 (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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From:  Tarcin
Length  93.5 km
To:  Zenica
A1 (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Regions:  Sarajevo Canton, Zenica-Doboj Canton

The A1 motorway is a motorway in Bosnia and Herzegovina that is part of the Corridor Vc and, together with two Croatian motorways (A10 and A5) and the Hungarian M6, will provide a modern and fast road connection from Budapest to Ploče, an important seaport on the Adriatic Sea. The motorway will connect the capital Sarajevo with other large cities (such as Mostar and Zenica). It will also be the main link to Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Adriatic Sea and Central Europe.


By 2013, the completed section stretches from Sarajevo to Kakanj, while the sections Kakanj-Zenica, Josanica-Tarcin, Bijaca-Pocitelj and Svilaj-Odzak are currently under construction. By April 2013 53 km is completed while 64 km is under construction.
On 20 June 2013, the 5 km section between Bijača and Kravice was opened. A new border crossing with Croatia opened on June 28.

The most complicated section of the road to build will be the Sarajevo-Mostar stretch. It will need viaducts and tunnels to cross the Dinaric Alps.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina the E73/A1 passes near the following cities:

  • Odžak
  • Modriča
  • Doboj
  • Tešanj
  • Maglaj
  • Zavidovići
  • Žepče
  • Zenica
  • Kakanj
  • Visoko
  • Sarajevo
  • Konjic
  • Jablanica
  • Mostar
  • Čapljina
  • Significance

    In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Corridor Vc highway is the most important road project. Construction on the road has already begun. The intensified beginning of the construction will be a key starter of economic and social activities, and will enable Bosnia and Herzegovina to be connected to main European traffic network, as well as the European economic and social structure.

    Construction of the highway will provide a motorway connection to neighboring countries and regions. It will improve transportation and improve the quality of life in the areas where the road will pass through. It will improve the economy.

    Transport Master Plan

    Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) funded provision of Transport Master Plan for Bosnia and Herzegovina (March 2001), which represents the first document in afterwar period at this level in transport area, and it was used as basis for many other studies and decisions, even for provision of Planning and Study Documentation for the Highway along the Corridor Vc.

    This Study provided priority transport corridors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which were afterwards confirmed by subsequent studies, to a great extent. At the same time, this Study defined main goals in transport sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Development Scenario by 2020. Development Scenario includes three phases:

  • Phase 1 (short-term): 2000-2005 – Rehabilitation & Stabilization
  • Phase 2 (medium-term): 2006-2010 – Full functionalization & Modernization
  • Phase 3 (long-term): 2011-2020 – Structuring & Progress
  • Sections

    Length of the Corridor Vc highway, from the North to the South divided by sections:

  • Section 1: The Sava Svilaja River (connection Corridor X) - Doboj (South)
  • 64 km
  • Section 2: Doboj (South) - Sarajevo South (Tarčin)
  • 150 km
  • Section 3: Sarajevo South (Tarčin) - Mostar (North)
  • 58 km
  • Section 4: Mostar (North) - Republic of Croatia Border
  • 68 km
  • Total: 340 km
  • References

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