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A thoke

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A thoke

Burmese salads, transliterated as a thoke, thohk or thouk, are part of Burmese cuisine. The salads include rice, noodle, potato, ginger, tomato, kaffir lime, long bean, lahpet (pickled tea leaves), and ngapi (fish paste) salads. They are popular as fast foods in Burmese cities. Burmese noodle salads include wheat noodles or rice noodles. Fermented tea leaf and pickled ginger are two classic dishes.


Chennai, India

In Chennai, India a dish referred to as atho or athoke is a mixture of noodles, shredded cabbage and onions garnished with tamarind, salt, fried onions, chili flakes, garlic and ajinomoto (rarely). It is of Burmese origin and served by Burmese refugees working as vendors in Chennai. It may be a version of khauk swe thoke and is described as being golden and gooey.

List of a thoke dishes

  • Laphet thoke, fermented tea leaf salad
  • Ngapi thoke, ngapi salad
  • Thayet chin thouk
  • Tophu thoke, tofu salad
  • Khauk swe thoke
  • Gyin thoke, ginger salad
  • Nan gyi thohk
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