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A sound

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Genre  Alternative/Indie
Albums  100 Nast№, Release
Record label  Hi-Fi Media Group
A-sound httpsiytimgcomviDdNqOW8FQhqdefaultjpg
Members  Purevsukh .T, Munkhbold .N, Altangerel, Batpurev, Temuulen .TS
Similar  Mungonzazal Janshindulam, Altai Khairkhan, Lumino, Hurd, Namjilyn Norovbanzad

A-sound is a Mongolian indie rock band. They have had success in Mongolia with songs and albums released in both Mongolian and English versions. Their single Release was number one on the Mongolian chart for nine weeks. "A-sound " with five members (Lead Vocalist, Pianist, Bass Guitarist, Drummer, Solo Guitarist ). Before the band gathered they used to play separately. In 2006 all members decided to become band together. Their Band established anniversary is 10 September. "A-sound " compose their music and lyrics by themselves. Their songs' smooth melody and emotional lyrics are most influenced in the band's great success in brief time.



Lead Vocalist : Temuulen .TS (Ц. Тэмvvлэн) Born : 1983 29th Oct., 33 years old Has a bachelor's degree from Health Science University In Mongolia, Pianist : Purevsukh .T (Т. Пvрэвсvх) Finished Mongolian University Of Art & Culture, Bassist : Munkhbold .N (Н. Мөнхболд), Drummer :Batpurev (Батпvрэв), Lead Guitarist : Altangerel (Алтангэрэл)


They chose "A-sound " as a name, as the meaning the best sound. Everything in A is the best, even at the school A mark is the highest point, that's why they preferred letter " A ", and "Sound". " A-Sound " ( The Best Sound ).

Album and Works

A-Sound put out their debut album in July 2008: Release. It was the first Mongolian rock album to feature some songs in English. The album featured many popular songs, including: "Uyanga," "Shine On," and "Forever." "Uyanga" is a popular girl's name and is a pleasant song sung in Mongolian. "Shine On" and "Forever" are two slices of immaculate pop song-craft, and to music critic (among other things) Brian Offenther, should have been international pop smashes. In "Forever," lead singer Temuulen's crystal clear voice really sours. In early 2009, a deluxe version of Release was put out and featured two bonus live cuts. Later in 2009, A-Sound began recording a follow up album, but after becoming unsatisfied with the results, scraped it.

Cover versions

A-Sound covered a song from The Beatles.


Shal DemiiRelease · 2015
Haana Baina100 Nast№ · 2015
You Cast Your Spell100 Nast№ · 2015


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