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A Woman of Mystery

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Director  Ernest Morris
Music director  Ted Astley, Albert Elms
Language  English
6.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime
Country  United Kingdom
A Woman of Mystery Pino A Woman of Mystery I Painting
Writer  Brian Clemens, Eldon Howard
Release date  April 1958 (UK)
Initial release  April 1958 (United Kingdom)
Screenplay  Brian Clemens, Eldon Howard
Cast  Hazel Court (Joy Grant), Dermot Walsh (Ray Savage), Ferdy Mayne (Andre), Jennifer Jayne (Ruby Ames), Ernest Clark (Harvey)
Similar movies  The Frightened Man (1952), The Depraved (1957), The Great Van Robbery (1959), Operation Murder (1957), Three Steps to the Gallows (1953)

A woman of mystery sayaka chapter 3

A Woman of Mystery (1958) is a British crime film directed by Ernest Morris and starring Dermot Walsh, Hazel Court, and Ferdy Mayne. The film features an early performance from Michael Caine in an uncredited role.



  • Dermot Walsh as Ray Savage
  • Hazel Court as Joy Grant
  • Jennifer Jayne as Ruby Ames
  • Ferdy Mayne as Andre
  • Ernest Clark as Harvey
  • Diana Chesney as Mrs. Bassett
  • Paul Dickson as Winter
  • Michael Caine Minor Role (uncredited)
  • Plot

    Ray Savage, reporter for a sensational magazine in London is assigned over his objections to investigate a pretty blonde hat-check attendant's suicide. Inquiring at Jane Hale's place of work he learns that someone from her past had recognized her, and she was afraid. Finding a luggage label on her suitcase, he follows the lead to a dubious hotel where the manager tells him someone had taken a shot at her while she was staying there. From there he goes to her former place of work, then to the home of her friend at work who tells him that Miss Hale regularly called her mother, long distance. Following the number to a sanatorium where questioning Mrs. Hale yields nothing, but the cooperative administrator tells him the upscale neighborhood Jane was living before she went on the run.

    Finally determining that she had been employed at an escort agency he is so excited as to ignore the indications that he is being followed until he returns home to be attacked by three men who try to duplicate Miss Hale's supposed suicide by knocking him on the head and turning the gas on. Rescued by his girlfriend he grabs a gun and starts taking up housebreaking, until he determines the escort agency is cover for a counterfeiting operation. Then he shoots it out with the villains but feels frustrated because the mastermind behind the operation, the man who actually killed Jane has apparently gotten away unseen. Fortunately that doesn't last, because Jane's new boyfriend comes after Ray to try to kill him and Jane's friend who came to talk to Ray.


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