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A Touch of Green

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Written by  Huang Shih-Ming (黄世鸣)
First episode date  19 December 2015
Network  Public Television Service
Genre  Historical period drama
Directed by  Jui Yuan Tsao (曹瑞原)
Number of episodes  31
Director  Jui Yuan Tsao
A Touch of Green httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen995Ato
Created by  Pai Hsien-yung(白先勇) 《Taipei People》
Starring  Weber Yang (杨一展),Cheryl Yang (杨谨华),Tien Hsin (天心), Gaby Lan Chun Tian (蓝钧天)
Opening theme  Kan Dan (看淡) As It Is by Hebe Tian
Ending theme  Tian Shang De Nan Ren, Di Shang De Nv Ren (天上的男人,地上的女人) Men Over Clouds, Women on Earth by Yoga Lin
Languages  English, Chinese, Standard Mandarin
Similar  Wake Up, Youth Power, Love or Spend, Ia Ia - I do, Lady Maid Maid

A touch of green chinese drama preview

A Touch of Green (Chinese:一把青), is a 2015 Taiwanese period drama TV series produced by Public Television Service, based on the 1971 short story of the same name by Pai Hsien-yung (which was included in his bilingual collection Taipei People). The story follows a group of Republic of China Air Force pilots and their women during the Chinese Communist Revolution (1945–49) in mainland China and the White Terror period (1949–87) in Taiwan.


A Touch of Green won 6 awards at the 2016 Golden Bell Awards, including Best TV Series, Best Directing (Tsao Jui-yuan), and Best Actor (Chris Wu).

Taiwan tv dramas a touch of green vfx behind the production


The story takes place from 1945 to 1981, after the World War II Japanese surrender and a Chinese civil war breaks out. The story will focus on three women, from their school girl days to their marriages to Republic of China Air Force pilots. They followed their husbands from Nanking after the Government of the Republic of China (ROC) and the Kuomintang (KMT) retreated to Taiwan in 1949, stay at Military dependents' village and experienced the pain of leaving their home and separations from friends/family.Their shared experience brought the military families together to support one another.Through their love and bond, they survive through hardships and carves a motivational, touching story.

The story include:

  • 1945-1949,Episodes 1-20, Second Sino-Japanese War, Chinese Communist Revolution(Student activism in Nanking 1946 and Liaoshen Campaign)
  • 1954-1981,Episodes 21-31, Chinese Communist Revolution, White Terror (Taiwan), Black Bat Squadron, Black Cat Squadron
  • Cast

  • Weber Yang as Jiang Wei Cheng 江偉成
  • Cheryl Yang as Qin Qian Yi 秦芊儀
  • Tien Hsin as Zhou Wei Xun 周瑋訓
  • Gaby Lan Chun Tian as Shao Zhi Jian 邵志堅
  • Chris Wu as Guo Zhen 郭軫
  • Cindy Lien as Zhu Qing 朱青
  • Jenny Wen Chen-Ling as Shao Mo Ting 邵墨婷
  • Zhuang Xin Yu (莊心瑜) as young Shao Mo Ting
  • Hans Chung as Gu Zhao Jun 顧肇鈞
  • Fan Guang Yao as Fan Ren Xian 樊任先
  • Ban Tie Xiang (班鐵翔) as Lao Gong 老鞏
  • Li Shao Jie (李劭婕) as Wang Ying 汪穎
  • Shi Ming Shuai (施名帥)
  • References

    A Touch of Green Wikipedia

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