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A Time Forgotten

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Release date  7 August 2012
Label  Linfaldia
Producer  Midnight Syndicate
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Released  August 7, 2012 (August 7, 2012)
Artists  Midnight Syndicate, Destini Beard
Genres  Gothic rock, Ambient music, New-age music, Dark wave
Similar  The Dead Matter: Cemetery, Carnival Arcane, Gates of Delirium, Vampyre, Monsters of Legend

A Time Forgotten is the second collaborative album between Destini Beard and Midnight Syndicate. As was with their first collaborative album together (The Dark Masquerade), the album features original lyrics and vocals performed and written by Destini blended with previously recorded songs from the gothic band Midnight Syndicate. The album also features a remix of the song Noctem Aeternus by Patrick Berdysz and an original song written by Destini entitled My Last Goodbye.


a time forgotten music trailer by destini beard

Track listing

  1. "The Lost Overture (Fallen Grandeur)"
  2. "First Love (Soliloquy)"
  3. "Lacrymosa Aeterna (Eclipse)"
  4. "Reunited (Room 47)"
  5. "Lonely Waltz (Haverghast Asylum)"
  6. "A Time Forgotten (Time Outside of Time)"
  7. "Secret Wedding (Ravages of Time)"
  8. "Master of Evil (Unseen Eyes)"
  9. "Mortis (Residents Past)"
  10. "The Hidden Key (Living Walls)"
  11. "Endgame (Cold Embrace)"
  12. "Death Reborn (Gates of Delirium)"
  13. "Farewell Forever (Noctem Aeternus ~ Encoder Remix)"
  14. "My Last Goodbye"


1The Lost Overture (Fallen Grandeur)2:54
2First Love (Soliloquy)3:05
3Lacrymosa Aeterna (Eclipse)3:24


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