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A Sporting Chance (1919 Pathe film)

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Directed by  Henry King
Starring  William Russell
Initial release  19 June 1919 (USA)
Screenplay  Jules Furthman
Distributed by  Pathé Exchange
Produced by  William Russell
Release date  June 29, 1919
Director  Henry King
Producer  William Russell
A Sporting Chance (1919 Pathe film)

Written by  Stephen Fox (alias Jules Furthman)
Production company  William Russell Productions / American Film Company
Cast  J Farrell MacDonald, Harvey Clark, Perry Banks, Fritzi Brunette, George Periolat
Similar  Six Feet Four, Dice of Destiny, Told at Twilight

A Sporting Chance is a surviving 1919 American silent drama film directed by Henry King and produced by starring William Russell. It was distributed through Pathé Exchange. It is not to be confused with another film released a month later by Paramount called A Sporting Chance starring Ethel Clayton which is lost.



  • William Russell as John Stonehouse
  • Fritzi Brunette as Gilberte Bonheur
  • George Periolat as Edward Craig
  • J. Farrell MacDonald as Luther Ribley aka Kennedy
  • Lee Hill as George Cornhill
  • Harvey Clark as Aaron Witt
  • Perry Banks as Anthony James
  • Preservation status

  • The film is still extant and available on DVD.
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