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A Reverse Willie Horton

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Released  1991
Label  Pubic Pop Can
Producer  Jon Spencer
Recorded  1991
Release date  1991
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A Reverse Willie Horton (1991)  The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (1992)
Artist  The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Genres  Punk blues, Alternative rock
Similar  Crypt Style, Controversial Negro, Extra Width, Acme, Damage

A Reverse Willie Horton is either the debut album, or an early bootleg album, by the New York City-based Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Few (500) copies of the album were produced; however, some songs are featured on the group's next two albums, 1992's The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and 1993's Crypt Style, albeit in a different mix or recording altogether. However, sound of the recording is closer to the Crypt Style LP. All three albums are made up of tracks recorded in 1991 by producer/engineer Kramer and Steve Albini (in separate sessions).


The album's AMG Album ID is R479971.

The album was released as a black vinyl LP in an edition of 500 copies. The front and rear art work are two separate images pasted onto a plain black card sleeve (with the exception of white text reading 'JACKET ME IN CANA' on the rear).

This is the first release by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is actually a bootleg (rumoured to have been put out by Siltbreeze Records) and one of the many alternate versions of their first album. This release has an alternate track listing, running order and the tracks are mixed (slightly) different compared to the authorised releases on Crypt, Caroline and Hut.

During an interview with Fiz Magazine (Issue #5) Jon Spencer discusses the various editions of the first album and hints at the origins of this particular release; "When I was travelling around with the Gibson Bros. last year I had a tape of that with me because we had just done it. I let a few people dub it so maybe something came from that." although it has since been suggested that the album was released the band's consent and it seems unlikely that the record was made from a dubbed cassette.

US LP – 1993

Side A
  1. Twenty-9
  2. Type Cast
  3. Water Main
  4. History of Sex
  5. Rachel
  6. Chicken Walk
  7. Big Headed Baby
  8. Support A Man
Side B
  1. Lovin Up A Storm
  2. Comeback
  3. '78 Style
  4. You Gonna Change
  5. White Tail
  6. What To Do
  7. 40 lb Block of Cheese




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