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A Revelation for Despair

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Released  18 November 2006
Length  42:36
Artist  Behind Crimson Eyes
Label  Roadrunner Records
Recorded  2006
Producer  Richard Stolz
Release date  18 November 2006
Genres  Post-hardcore, Hard rock
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A Revelation For Despair (2006)  Scream Out Your Name To The Night (2007)

A Revelation For Despair is the debut album by Australian hard rock band Behind Crimson Eyes. It was recorded at Sing Sing South, South Yarra and Sing Sing Richmond in Melbourne, Australia. The lead single is "Shakedown". The second single released from the album is "You've Had Your Chance".


Vocalist Josh Stuart on the album

"It's about how this world has lost its way. How everywhere you turn there is something disgusting in disguise. Everyone turns a blind eye but in the end we are all embroiled in its filth. It's about how it tempts us to join this "evil" side and how ultimately we unknowingly promote it. Whether it be by buying violent movies or pornography, idolizing 'rock stars' and other image conscious mediums or indulging in lavish unnecessary material items. We all just close our eyes until it becomes trivial 7pm news and topical conversation. Those who have the power to curb our demise are caught up in corruption, greed and compromised values. In the end this will be all we know and all we see. It will be our god."

Track listing

  1. Sex Lies And Homicide – 3:55
  2. Children Of The Broken Hearted – 2:30
  3. Shakedown – 3:15
  4. You've Had Your Chance – 3:07
  5. White China Doll – 3:48
  6. My Crime Against Humanity – 3:23
  7. A Love Lost Can Be Beautiful – 2:04
  8. I Caused Global Warming – 2:06
  9. Your Skin Looks Good On Me – 2:47
  10. Dial H For Whore – 3:17
  11. The Bonesmen – 3:29
  12. The Underworld – 3:07
  13. Candy Cane And Pain – 5:53

Other tracks

Two other tracks that didn't quite make the album were released on the Shakedown single.The two tracks are 'X Marks The Spot' and an unplugged version of Shakedown. While an acoustic guitar can be heard on the track,it seems to consist mostly of electronic drum beats and Josh's vocals aren't quite as forced as the other tracks.


Two singles have been released for radio airplay and have had videos filmed, in the form of the songs "Shakedown" and "You've Had Your Chance". Both songs have reached the top 5 in Triple J's Super Request Countdown and their videos reach the top 5 of JTV Saturday on Australian Network ABC. The newly released film clip is called "The Bonesman" and was filmed at a melbourne gaol featuring about 50 fans that were invited to join through a Myspace competition. "The Bonesmen" reach number 2 in the JTV Saturday countdown on Australian Network ABC. Shakedown was voted number 7 on jtv's countdown of 2007's 20 best Australian made videos.


1Sex - Lies and Homocide3:56
2Children of the Broken Hearted2:30


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