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A Regra do Jogo

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Created by  João Emanuel Carneiro
Opening theme  Juízo Final by Alcione
First episode date  31 August 2015
Number of episodes  167
Cast  Alexandre Nero
6.8/10 IMDb

Directed by  Amora Mautner
Country of origin  Brazil
Final episode date  11 March 2016
Network  Rede Globo
A Regra do Jogo httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaptffbAR
Genre  Telenovela Drama Crime Thriller
Starring  Alexandre Nero Giovanna Antonelli Vanessa Giácomo Cauã Reymond Marco Pigossi Eduardo Moscovis Tony Ramos Cássia Kis Magro Susana Vieira Deborah Evelyn Bárbara Paz José de Abreu Renata Sorrah Marcos Caruso Cris Viann
Nominations  International Emmy Award for Best Performance by an Actor, International Emmy Award for Telenovela
Similar  Totalmente Demais, Verdades Secretas, Babilônia, Além do Tempo, Velho Chico

A regra do jogo cenas exclusivas da novela das nove da globo

A Regra do Jogo (English title: Rules of The Game) is a Brazilian primetime telenovela, created by João Emanuel Carneiro for Rede Globo. It premiered on August 31, 2015 at 9 pm timeslot.


A Regra do Jogo A Regra do Jogo estreia com a difcil misso de 39salvar39 o horrio

Written by João Emanuel Carneiro, internationally recognized by the success of Avenida Brasil one of the most popular and profitable telenovela of recent times. A Regra do Jogo debut had a lot of expectations, mainly after succeeding Babilônia, which suffered great rejection of the public and is already considered one of the lowest rated telenovelas for the primetime timeslot.

A Regra do Jogo Index of galleryaregradojogo

The main cast entails; Alexandre Nero, Giovanna Antonelli, Vanessa Giacomo, Cauã Reymond, Eduardo Moscovis, Marco Pigossi, Susana Vieira, Tony Ramos and Cássia Kis.

A Regra do Jogo A Regra do Jogo Wikipedia

According to IBOPE, in the week of September 28 to October 4, 2015, A Regra do Jogo was the most watched program of the Brazilian television, with an average of 8,013,730 viewers per minute, taking into account a projection of 15 metropolitan areas.

A Regra do Jogo Abertura de 39A Regra do Jogo39 tem msica de Alcione e batalha de

Atriz de a regra do jogo brilha em miami 19th brazilian film festival


A Regra do Jogo Eu Critico Tu Criticas The Oscars A Regra do Jogo

Romero Rômulo (Alexandre Nero) is a hero of the people. For others, he is just a selfish crook. He heads an institution that bestows former convicts into society. Little does anyone know that it is also a way of recruiting criminals for the clique he belongs to and through which he earns good money through several robberies and scams. His lover Atena (Giovanna Antonelli), is a swindler who misses no chances. Unprincipled and immoral, she only wants to take advantage of Romero. But deep down, she hides true feelings for him. One of Romero‘s mortal enemies is his stepfather, Zé Maria (Tony Ramos), whom he accused in the past of killing twenty people during a massacre inside a bus. Djanira (Cássia Kiss) has never forgiven her son Romero for the testimony, because the love of her life had to become a fugitive from justice. Besides, she had to raise her stepson, the former wrestler Juliano (Cauã Reymond), and her adopted daughter, the virtuous Toia (Vanessa Giácomo) by herself. They grew up together and soon started dating, but Juliano‘s desire for revenge keeps getting in the way of the couple‘s romance. Juliano is released on probation for suspected drug trafficking whereas he also seeks for justice and intends to prove his father's innocence, pointing all the blame to the dangerous syndicate.

International release

A Regra do Jogo A Regra do Jogo39 conhea o elenco da novela das 9 notcias em Tv

“The Rules of the Game” will be launched on the international market in fall 2016; Globo has already started international pre-sales.


  • Photo: Giovanna Antonelli as Atena

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    A Regra do Jogo Wikipedia

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