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A Present for the Future

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Released  1987 (1987)
Label  Legato
Artist  Frank Gambale
Length  44:04
A Present for the Future (1987)  Live! (1989)
Release date  1987
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Recorded  11–13 May, 26–30 June 1987 at Silverlake Sound Studios in Los Angeles
Producer  Frank Gambale, Mark Varney
Genres  Jazz, Jazz fusion, Smooth jazz
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Frank gambale lazy passion a present for the future

A Present for the Future is the second studio album by guitarist Frank Gambale, released in 1987 through Legato Records and reissued in 2000 through Wombat Records. The third track, "Stephanie", is renamed "Serenity" on the reissue; Harpist Stephanie Bennett was Gambale's ex-wife, and was consistently mentioned in the liner notes of all his albums until Passages (1994).


Frank gambale legends a present for the future

Track listing

All music composed by Frank Gambale.


  • Frank Gambale – guitar, guitar synthesizer, keyboard (tracks 1, 4), strings, bass (track 5), mixing, production
  • Kei Akagi – keyboard (tracks 2, 7), Rhodes piano
  • Tom Coster – keyboard (track 3), synthesizer
  • Jack Kelly – drums (except track 6)
  • Steve Smith – drums (track 6)
  • Steve Reid – percussion
  • Steve Kershisnik – bass (except track 5)
  • John Patitucci – bass solo (track 6)
  • Steve Tavaglione – Steinerphone, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
  • Stephanie Bennett – electric harp
  • Alan Hirshberg – engineering, mixing (track 6)
  • Jon Googenheim – engineering
  • Robert M. Biles – mixing (except track 6)
  • Jeff Sanders – mastering
  • Mark Varney – executive production
  • Songs

    1Lazy Passion6:05
    2Spike's Song5:40


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