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A Merry Mirthworm Christmas

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Initial release  14 December 1984
Initial DVD release  2006 (Australia)
7/10 IMDb

4.5/5 Amazon

Music director  Peter Schmutte
A Merry Mirthworm Christmas Watch quotA Merry Mirthworm Christmasquot 1984 Free Online
Directors  Jerry Reynolds, Russ Harris
Cast  Rachel Rutledge, Miki Mathioudakis, Jerry Reynolds, Russ Harris, Peggy Nicholson
Screenplay  Jerry Reynolds, Russ Harris
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A Merry Mirthworm Christmas is an animated television special, produced by Perennial Pictures. It premiered on the Showtime Cable Network in 1984. The film features a cast of Mirthworms which are described as cuddly litter critters about two inches long, who live in the tiny town of Wormingham. Mirthworms tend to use proper nouns that play on the word "worm" to describe things. For example the characters live in the town of Wormingham, the protagonist is named Burt Worm, and the antagonist is named Wormaline Wiggler. The special was broadcast in the UK on BBC One on Monday 28 December 1987.


A Merry Mirthworm Christmas A Merry Mirthworm Christmas Cast Images Behind The Voice Actors


A Merry Mirthworm Christmas Mirthworm I did39t Try YouTube

Burt Worm has just moved into the town of Wormingham. Excited for the Christmas season he is invited by his neighbor, Crystal, to assist in decorating the Town Hall. Due to his clumsiness chaos is caused in the Town Hall, and holiday decorations are knocked over and broken. Burt is asked by chairworm Wormaline Wiggler to leave immediately. Which he does.

A Merry Mirthworm Christmas Mirthworm YouTube

Burt proceeds to sing a song about how he is so lonely, and just wanted to make some friends. He writes a note and leaves. Soon after his disappearance Crystal asks where Burt is, and is told that Wormaline asked him to leave. The mayor shows up shortly after, and is upset with Wormaline for asking Burt to leave, stating that Christmas is for everyone, the mayor threatens to remove Wormaline from her position as chairworm. With this threat in mind Wormaline organizes a search party for Burt worm.

A Merry Mirthworm Christmas The Island of Misfit Christmas Specials

The search proceeds, but the weather gets so bad that the Mirthworms have no choice but to return to Wormingham. Upon arrival at Town Hall many of the Mirthworms express how sad they are that Burt has left, stating that they really liked him. As the Mirthworms are moping about Burt walks up to them asking why they are so sad, they state that it is because they fear the worst for Burt (not realizing that it was he who asked them). When they realize that Burt is there, they are surprised and happy. Burt explains that it got so cold that he decided to come back to the Town Hall and fell asleep.

A Merry Mirthworm Christmas The Mirthworms trilogy VHS rip Requests Kametsu

Under pressure from the mayor Wormaline apologizes to Burt for asking him to leave. Then Crystal announces how Burt can contribute to the Christmas celebration, he has an excellent singing voice. Burt proceeds to sing "Deck the Halls", and "I Wish You a Merry Christmas" (a modified version of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas").


Wormingham going to have masquerade ball, Bert want to ask Crystal to be his date on the ball, Wormaline want to have Bert to dressed like Prince Pringle and Crystal get a heartbroken, when Bert is with Wormaline, will Bert want to get Crystal to the ball before late. Later the real Prince Pringle appears and Crystal become Queen of Masquerade ball and she kiss Bert on his cheek.


Crystal have a stage fright and thought at she is perfect to play Sleeping Beauty, but Wormaline Wiggler want to play Sleepy Beauty herself, will Crystal overcome stage fright with help of her boyfriend Bert and her Worm friends, and show must go on or Wormaline destroy everything or Sleeping Beauty to be a comedy play.

Mirthworms characters

Bert Worm – Bert is one of the main characters on Mirthworm and he is green. He is little clumsy and good guy, in Mirthworm Christmas was he new in Wormingham. He has a crush on Crystal. He has a great singing voice.

Crystal Crawler – Crystal is one of the main characters on Mirthworm and she is purple and wearning a pink cape. She is very gentle and wise. She has a crush on Bert. On Mirthworm on Stage has she the great fear on stage but come over her fear. Mirthworm Masqurade are she very good make costumes. In A Merry Mirthworm Christmas when Bert leave Wormingham at she was sad and cares for Bert and fall in love with him, later she was happy to see Bert is back to Wormingham.

Wormaline Wiggler – Wormaline is an antagonist. She has a big ego.

Teddy Toddlers – Teddy is clumsy assistant of Wormaline Wigger, sometimes he get trouble and get a smash of Wormaline

Wilbur Diggs – Wilbur is old man, with gentle heart, he gives Crystal or Burt with good advice. He has a huge arguments with Wormaline Wiggler.

Eulalia Inch – Eulalia is old woman.

Baggs – Baggs is very gentle guy and helpful.

Agnees Bagly – Agnees is helpful lady and her son is Dribble.

Dribble Bagly – Dribble is son of Agness.

Mayor Filmore Q – Filmore Q is the mayor of Wormingham.

Pettiworm -

Eudora Vanderworm – She loves Christmas but hates cats! and has a horrible sing voice in Mirthworm Christmas.

Prince Pringle – He is like Bert Worm, he appears only in Mirthworm Masquerade.

Homer -

Armbruster –

Brooks (Townsworm) –

Chester (Townsworm) –

Arnold (Townsworm) –


All three cartoons have been individually released on VHS in America by Family Home Entertainment, whilst only A Merry Mirthworm Christmas and A Mirthworm Masquerade have been the only two films released in the UK on VHS by Castle Vision, whilst the Christmas Special was also given a separate VHS release twice. In 2006, both A Merry Mirthworm Christmas and A Mirthworm Masquerade were released on DVD in Australia by MRA Entertainment whilst in the UK, A Merry Mirthworm Christmas was featured on a promotional Christmas DVD released by the Daily Mail, accompanied with the cartoon, The Glofriends Save Christmas. In 2007, both A Merry Mirthworm Christmas and Mirthworms on Stage were released for Digital Download for by GoDigital, it's yet unknown if all three films will be released on DVD in the US and UK.


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