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A Mathematical Theory of Communication

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Originally published  1948
Author  Claude Shannon
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Claude e shannon original book 1948 a mathematical theory of communication

"A Mathematical Theory of Communication" is an influential 1948 article by mathematician Claude E. Shannon. It was renamed The Mathematical Theory of Communication in the book, a small but significant title change after realizing the generality of this work.


A mathematical theory of communication computer science khan academy


The article was the founding work of the field of information theory. It was later published in 1949 as a book titled The Mathematical Theory of Communication (ISBN 0-252-72546-8), which was published as a paperback in 1963 (ISBN 0-252-72548-4). The book contains an additional article by Warren Weaver, providing an overview of the theory for a more general audience. Shannon's article laid out the basic elements of communication:

  • An information source that produces a message
  • A transmitter that operates on the message to create a signal which can be sent through a channel
  • A channel, which is the medium over which the signal, carrying the information that composes the message, is sent
  • A receiver, which transforms the signal back into the message intended for delivery
  • A destination, which can be a person or a machine, for whom or which the message is intended
  • It also developed the concepts of information entropy and redundancy, and introduced the term bit (which Shannon credited to John Tukey) as a unit of information.


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