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A Lonely Place to Die

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Julian Gilbey

Music director
Michael Richard Plowman

United Kingdom


Time Out

Action, Adventure, Crime



A Lonely Place to Die movie poster

Release date
10 April 2011 (2011-04-10) (Actionfest) 9 September 2011 (2011-09-09) (United Kingdom)

Julian Gilbey, Will Gilbey

Initial release
September 7, 2011 (United Kingdom)

Julian Gilbey, Will Gilbey

Melissa George
Ed Speleers
Eamonn Walker
Alec Newman
Karel Roden
Kate Magowan

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Out here, there's nowhere to hide.

A lonely place to die 2011 official trailer hd movie

A Lonely Place to Die is a 2011 British thriller film directed by Julian Gilbey and based on a screenplay from Will Gilbey and Julian Gilbey. It stars Melissa George, Ed Speleers, Karel Roden, Eamonn Walker, Sean Harris and Kate Magowan.


A Lonely Place to Die movie scenes


A Lonely Place to Die movie scenes

Mountaineers Alison, Ed, Rob, Jenny, and Alex are hiking and climbing in the Scottish Highlands when they discover Anna, a young Serbian girl buried alive in a small chamber in the wilderness. Upon rescuing her, the group finds themselves pursued by her captors, Mr. Kidd and Mr. Mcrae, who hunt them down in an effort to reclaim Anna. Only Alison and Ed manage to escape the wilderness and reach Stonehaven, while Rob, Jenny, and Alex fall victim to the kidnappers.

A Lonely Place to Die movie scenes

Meanwhile, Serbian mobster Darko and mercenaries Andy and Chris travel to the area to negotiate a ransom exchange with Mr. Kidd and Mr. Mcrae. Having been unable to recapture Anna, Mr. Kidd attempts to bluff his way through the negotiation with Darko while Mr. Mcrae continues to pursue Alison and Ed through Stonehaven. As the surviving mountaineers flee, Chris shoots Ed when he mistakes him for the kidnappers and is in turn shot by Mr. Mcrae, but manages to inform Darko that the kidnappers no longer have Anna before dying. After finishing off Ed, Mr. Mcrae chases Alison and Anna into a household. The house catches fire and a struggle between Alison and Mr. Mcrae ensues that ends with Alison killing him by pushing him out of a window. She then manages to save Anna from the burning building before she is rescued by firefighters. Mr. Kidd nearly escapes with the ransom money, but is captured by Andy.

A Lonely Place to Die movie scenes

Mr. Kidd is brought before Anna's father and mob boss Mr. Rakovic, who has him buried alive for the kidnapping. Alison is transported to the hospital in an ambulance as Anna remains by her side.


A Lonely Place to Die movie scenes

  • Melissa George as Alison
  • Ed Speleers as Ed
  • Sean Harris as Mr. Kidd
  • Holly Boyd as Anna
  • Karel Roden as Darko
  • Eamonn Walker as Andy
  • Kate Magowan as Jenny
  • Alec Newman as Rob
  • Garry Sweeney as Alex
  • Stephen McCole as Mr. Mcrae
  • Paul Anderson as Chris
  • Matthew Zajac as Mr. Rakovic
  • Eric Barlow as Sergeant Gray
  • Douglas Russell as Hunter 1
  • Alan Steele as Hunter 2
  • Gillian MacGregor as Policewoman
  • Production

    A Lonely Place to Die movie scenes

    Shooting began on 13 May 2010 in Scotland under the working title The Grave at Angel's Peak. Julian Gilbey shot the film from the screenplay "The Long Weekend" by Will Gilbey. The film is produced by Carnaby International, the studio behind Doghouse. Franka Potente was originally cast for the role as Alison and was later replaced by Melissa George.

    A Lonely Place to Die movie scenes

    In April 2011, the film had its world premiere at the ActionFest film festival in Asheville, North Carolina USA, where it was awarded 'Best Film' and 'Best Director'.

    After the Cannes film market in May 2011, Kaleidoscope Entertainment picked up the UK rights to release the film.

    The film had its UK premiere on 29 August 2011, where it was the closing film of Frightfest. It was released in UK cinemas shortly thereafter on 7 September. It was released in North America in November 2011, following a screening at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival on 24 October 2011.


    On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 77% based on 30 reviews, with an average rating of 6/10. The movie was liked by 50% of viewers voting on the site.

    A lonely place to die trailer 2011


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