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A Hidden Treasure

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A Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure (Arabic: کنزاً مخفیاً‎‎) is a Hadith Qudsi that has a very prominent role in Islamic mysticism and Islamic philosophy.


Different translations

The most cited version of this Hadith in Arabic is: کنت کنزاً مخفیاً فأحببت أن أعرف فخلقت الخلق لکی أعرف

It has different translations in English:

  • I was a hidden Treasure I desired to be recognized so I created the creature
  • I was a hidden treasure; I loved to be known. Hence I created the world so that I would be known
  • I was a hidden treasure, and I wished to be known, so I created a creation (mankind), then made Myself known to them, and they recognised Me
  • I was a Treasure unknown then I desired to be known so I created a creation to which I made Myself known; then they knew Me
  • Sufi Cosmology

    According to Sufi cosmology, God's reason for the creation of this universe and mankind is the "manifestation" and "recognition" of Himself as it is stated in this Hadith.


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