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A Girl from Lübeck

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Language  English
Pages  216
Author  Bruce Marshall
Page count  216
Media type  Print (Hardback)
Originally published  1962
Preceded by  The Divided Lady
Genre  Novel
A Girl from Lübeck httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumbe
Country  United Kingdom (Scotland)
Followed by  The Month of the Falling Leaves
Similar  The Month of the Falling Le, The Divided Lady, The Little Friend, The Fair Bride, The Bishop

A Girl from Lübeck is a 1962 novel by Scottish writer Bruce Marshall.

Plot summary

Versory, a literary lecturer engaged in spreading English culture (“From Beowulf to Dylan Thomas”) throughout Germany, needs a ride after delivering a talk to a group of matrons. Imagine his surprise when his driver is the gorgeous Hannelore, a girl in a thousand.

Her blond beauty and charming personality ensnare his heart and imagination. They arrange to meet again in Paris, to attend a meeting of literary lecturers from other countries.

It is in Paris that Versory’s suspicions are aroused. How does she afford her expensive clothes and other habits? Hannelore claims that there is no way to contact her, that she will get in touch with him. Even though she contacts him regularly and her affection for him is obvious, he wonders if Hannelore is what she seems.

And for that matter, Versory himself is not what he appears to be, his career as a lecturer is actually just a convenient cover for other activities. In fact, in this fast-moving and paradoxical story, few people are what they seem to be, even to themselves.

Is the lecturer from Russia interested only in stimulating an appreciation of Russian literature? And what is his connection with the gentleman from South America? What is Hannelore doing in the elegant establishment of Mme. Putiphar?

Where is Vesory’s chief taking her in the sports car—and why? Does she really love Versory or is she only using him?

The answers to these questions are revealed as "A Girl from Lübeck" unfolds. It is a story with several levels: it is a romance, a tale of suspense and intrigue, a lighthearted satire, but it is also a parable. For in the end, the mystery surrounding the girl from Lübeck is cleared away and the meaning of Faith and Grace is revealed.


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