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A Fazenda 4

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A Fazenda 4

A Fazenda 4 was fourth season of the Brazilian reality television series A Fazenda which premiered July 19, 2011 with the finale airing October 12, 2011 on the Rede Record television network.


This season was confirmed on late December 2010, before the finale of the third season by Rede Record. Britto Junior and Chris Couto reprise their hosting stints for the show. Tina Roma makes her debut as the show's new special correspondent.

For the first time ever, four women reached the series finals, making this the first reality show in Brazilian television history with public voting to do so. No Limite 1 (2000) and Aprendiz 6 − Universitário (2009) also managed to create all female final fours but there was no public vote involved.

The winner was the personal trainer Joana Machado, who won the show with 48.2% of the public's votes, against 44.4% for Monique Evans and 7.4% for Raquel Pacheco.


Due to the 2011 Pan American Games, the fourth season marked the return of the show to its original run, during the South American winter–spring, following the summer airing of the past two seasons.

The fourth season lasted a total of 87 days, an increase of two days over the past season, making this the second longest season so far.


There are fourteen celebrities new to Farm. As part of the twist for this edition, three former contestants re-entered the Farm for another chance to win the grand prize, which remains R$2,000,000 without tax allowances. Duda Yankovich was ejected on day 22 and was replaced two days later by Dani Bolina, who entered on day 24.


The main television coverage of A Fazenda 4 is screened in daily highlight programs that transmit Mondays to Fridays at 11:15pm (UTC−3), Saturdays at 10:15pm (UTC−3) and Sundays at 08:00pm (first four weeks) and at 11:15pm (for the remainder of the season) (UTC−3), with Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays shows being broadcast live on Rede Record.

The episodes summarize the events of the previous day in the Farm. It is the first season to be filmed and broadcast in high-definition.


The format remains largely unchanged from previous seasons. Celebrity contestants are sequestered in the Farm with no contact to or from the outside world. Each week, the contestants take part in several compulsory challenges that determine who will win the power in the Farm.

The winner of the Farmhouse Leader competition is immune from nominations. After a contestant becomes Farmer, he or she is ineligible to take part in the next Farmer of the Week competition.

This season, only three contestants (one from each team) compete in the Weekly Nomination Challenge on the live Sunday broadcast. The winner is safe, the other two become the first two nominees of the week.

On Nomination Night, all contestants except for the Farmhouse Leader vote to nominate one of the fellow contestants also on the Sunday broadcast. This vote is conducted by the host Britto Junior. In the event of a tie, the farmhouse leader must cast the deciding vote. Then, the Farmer of the Week must automatically nominate one more fellow contestants for eviction.

The four nominees compete in the next Farmer of the Week competition on the live Tuesday broadcast. The winner is safe, leaving the remaining three to face the public vote.

On Eviction Night, the nominee with the greater percentage of the public votes will be evicted from the Farm on the live Thursday broadcast, exiting to an adjacent studio to be interviewed by Britto Junior.


The fourth season featured the return of actress Franciely Freduzeski (season 1), assistant referee Ana Paula Oliveira (season 2) and TV host Monique Evans (season 3), who were the first celebrities to be evicted in their respective seasons, for another chance to win the grand prize.

The cast list was officially unveiled at the launch night on Tuesday, July 19, 2011. Contestants entered the farm on July 18, 2011. Contestants were divided into three teams of five members. On week 8, the teams competed in the season's super challenge for a chance to win an R$500,000 extra prize (equally divided between the remaining team members).

Team Ostrich (Dinei, Gui, Thiago and Valesca) won the challenge, with each one of them winning R$125,000.

Biographical information according to Record official series site, plus footnoted additions. (ages stated are at time of contest)


  • Note 1: At the second round of nominations, François and Washington tied after received six votes each. João, the Farmhouse Leader, had the casting vote and chose François to be the third nominee.
  • Note 2: Duda was ejected on day 22 due to violent behaviour towards Thiago. Despite the fact that she was already up for eviction, a regular eviction would also take place. Joana won the Farmhouse Leader competition, leaving Taciane and Washington to face the public vote.
  • Note 3:      Dani received an extra immunity for her first week in the game.
  • Note 4:      On day 51, host Britto Junior revealed that one member of the super-challenge winning team would win an extra immunity for week 8. On day 52, team Ostrich came out as the winner. As the result, Dinei was voted by all his team members (in that order − Thiago, Valesca and Gui) to win that immunity.
  • Note 5: Following Thiago's eviction on day 73, host Britto Junior revealed that the Nomination Challenge winner would win an extra immunity for week 11. On day 76, Raquel won the final Nomination Challenge over Marlon, winning immunity and leaving him as the first nominee. Farmhouse Leader Valesca chose Monique to be the second nominee.
  • Note 6: Following Marlon's eviction on day 78, host Britto Junior revealed that the final four contestants would compete in the Final Immunity Challenge for place in the final. Raquel was the winner and became the first finalist of the season. Joana, Monique and Valesca were automatically nominated for eviction by default.
  • Note 7: For the final round, the public votes for the contestant they want to win the season.
  • Eviction Night Ratings

  • Each point represents 58.000 households in São Paulo.
  • Duda Yankovich

    On August 9, 2011, boxer champion Duda Yankovich was ejected due to violent behaviour towards actor Thiago Gagliasso after an argument between them during a basketball game in the pool. Model Dani Bolina entered the game on August 11, 2011 as Duda's replacement.

    The fact that gained much media attention since the incident and even more after the ejection. The network's decision was highly praised by the press and viewers.

    Thiago Gagliasso

    On September 7, 2011, actor Thiago Gagliasso made a controversial comment regarding that he has slapped some goats behind the chicken coop, a place that, according to him, there would be no cameras. A YouTube user posted the clip of the comment online. A couple of websites posted full transcripts shortly after. Several NGOs that defend the animals, such as PEA, manifested on Twitter asking for Thiago's ejection.

    Record, broadcaster of the program, released a public statement on September 8, 2011 regarding the controversial statement stating that the farm is monitored 24 hours a day and in no time, Thiago or any other contestant was caught assaulting a goat or any other animal. The chicken coop area where the goats cross during the morning activity, is filmed and images of Thiago on that area have already been aired. All the farm animals are healthy, well cared and daily monitoring.

    TV host Luísa Mell, known for her work to protect animals, began a campaign to evict the actor. Singer Rita Lee was also outraged and used Twitter to express herself. "Bruno Gagliasso sorry, but your brother is an asshole. Get Thiago out!", she wrote. Despite Record statement, the controversy only increases.

    As result of Thiago's behaviour, on September 10, 2011, all contestants had to sleep outside the farmhouse as a punishment. Raquel read a warning statement from the production: "All animals deserve respect and care". The actor apologized to the house, but was outraged at the punishment. Valesca asked him to control himself when he began to curse the animals.


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