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A F James MacArthur

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Name  A. James

A. F. James MacArthur
Occupation  journalist, radio personality, former cab driver
Criminal status  Under Supervision of Division of Parole & Probation
Residence  Balti, Maryland, United States

A F James MacArthur Lee Jackson last ride Aug 15 2017

A. F. James MacArthur (b. 1964–1965) is a multimedia Baltimore journalist known for reporting on police and criminal activity. On 1 December 2012, he was arrested at his house after a prolonged standoff with police—including a long telephone conversation which he broadcast online.



MacArthur has reported for years on crime, policing, and Baltimore politics. He is known for making personal appearances at crime scenes gathering information. He co-hosted "Taxi Talk Radio" on Baltimore's WOLB radio station. He also writes the "Baltimore Spectator" blog. He reported on the Occupy Baltimore movement during its time in McKeldin Square.


Officers of the Baltimore Police Department, arrived at MacArthur's home on December 1, 2012. They sought to arrest him over his failure to report for a court date six months earlier stemming from a 2009 gun charge. MacArthur had reportedly received a tip about the pending arrest, and publicly threatened police over Twitter. The situation turned into a five-hour standoff, during which MacArthur had a long phone conversation with BPD Lieutenant Jason Yerg. MacArthur broadcast this conversation online to about 10,000 listeners. During the conversation, MacArthur questioned the police's motives, said they were conducting an excessive response, and suggested that they were scaring away potential witnesses. He also raised general criticisms of the police department. He surrendered at 11 P.M.

MacArthur's use of social media during the standoff was reportedly unprecedented. “This will go right into the training scenario,. They will discuss this in classrooms and go through everything to try and determine how everybody reacted", said retired Baltimore police officer Elbert Shirey.

Police later searched MacArthur's house and found a shotgun. MacArthur and supporters say the weapon was planted.


Following his arrest, MacArthur was remanded to the Baltimore Central Booking & Intake Center. During his time in Central Booking he was denied bail and was reported to have been denied access to visitors outside of legal representation His incarceration had provoked demonstrations by supporters, who described MacArthur as a "political prisoner" and called his arrest unfair. A co-worker of MacArthur's speculated that he was being targeted for reporting on police corruption.

On 28 December, MacArthur was again denied bail by judge Lynn K. Stewart. Responding to a habeas corpus petition filed by Jill P. Carter on MacArthur's behalf, Stewart said that MacArthur was a "threat to society" and would remain incarcerated.


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