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A Day Late and a Dollar Short

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A Day Late And A Dollar Short (1996)  Don't Back Down (1996)
Release date  23 January 1996
Label  Lookout Records
Artist  The Queers
Producer  Mass Giorgini
Genres  Punk rock, Pop punk
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Released  January 23, 1996 (1996-01-23)
Similar  Don't Back Down, Munki Brain, Move Back Home, Beat Off, Beyond the Valley

The queers i didn t want none

A Day Late And A Dollar Short is a compilation album of early songs by pop punk band The Queers. The album was reissued as the last of a series by Asian Man Records on August 21, 2007.


Track listing

Source: Artistdirect

Song origins

  • Tracks 1-6 originally appeared on Love Me 7", (1982, Doheny Records)
  • Tracks 7-13 originally appeared on Webelos 7", (1984, Doheny Records)
  • Tracks 14-17, 21, 23 originally appeared on Look Ma No Flannel 7" (1995, Clearview Records)
  • Tracks 18, 19, 22, 25, 26 originally appeared on Too Dumb To Quit! 7" (1993, Doheny Records)
  • Tracks 20, 24 originally appeared on My Old Man's a Fatso 7", (1994, Wound Up Records)
  • Tracks 27-34 were previously unreleased
  • Credits

  • Songs 1,2,3,5,30,31,32,33 – Lead Vocals by "Joe Queer" aka Joe King, guitar
  • Song 4 – Lead vocals by "Tulu" aka Scott Gildersleeve, bass/drums
  • Song 7-29 - Lead vocals by "Wimpy Rutherford" aka Jack Hayes, drums
  • Song 7-13 - Bass by Keith Hages
  • Song 6 – Lead vocals by "Pappy" aka William H. MacLaren, Sr.
  • Songs

    We'd Have a Riot Doing Heroin1:02
    Terminal Rut0:35


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