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A Cricket in the Ear

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Director  Gueorgui Stoyanov
Music director  Kiril Donchev
Country  Bulgaria
7.6/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy
Screenplay  Nikola Rusev
Writer  Nikola Rusev
Language  Bulgarian
Release date  1976
Cast  Pavel Popandov (Evtim), Itzhak Fintzi (Gosho), Tatyana Lolova (Vlastnata), Peter Slabakov (Cherniya), Anton Radichev
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A Cricket in the Ear (Bulgarian: Щурец в ухото / Shturets v uhoto) is a Bulgarian comedy-drama film released in 1976, directed by Georgi K. Stoyanov, starring Pavel Popandov, Stefan Mavrodiev, Itzhak Fintzi, Tatyana Lolova and Petar Slabakov.


A comedy with a spice of drama about two young men who live in the country but decide to move to the big city. All the travel turns into a reason for consideration and giving a new meaning to their past and future life. Do they finally arrive in the big city or come back to their village?


Evtim (Popandov) and Pesho (Mavrodiev), two young men, decided to leave their native village and move to the big city. They bring with them big stuff from the home household goods but also their good intentions and uncertainty. Both of them carry some remorses too. Evtim because of the scandal with his older brother and Pesho because of leaving the home with not a notice to his parents. Standing by the road, amid a heap of luggage, they turned to be a colorful view as hitch-hikers to the passing vehicles. But so, the two friends have an opportunity to meet the variety of life. They see generous sympathy but also the selfishness; they see the exciting waves of the true love but also the repulsive duplicity. This meetings, in its own way, form their realization about the substantial milestones in the path of life.


Production company:

  • Studio of Featured Films (SFF) - a Film Unit SREDETS
  • Working title: The Three Whishes

  • Director:Georgi K. Stoyanov
  • Writer: Nikola Rusev
  • Director of Photography: Ivaylo Trenchev
  • Music: Kiril Donchev
  • Filmed: 1975; Premiere: 30.April.1976
    The film was released on DVD in 2000s.


  • Pavel Popandov as Evtim - the young man 1
  • Stefan Mavrodiev as Pesho - the young man 2
  • Tatyana Lolova as Vlastnata
  • Itzhak Fintzi as Gosho
  • Petar Slabakov as Cherniya
  • Stoyan Gadev as a truck driver
  • Elene Raynova as Toni
  • Evstati Stratev as Evtim's brother
  • Sotir Maynolovski
  • Anton Radichev as a truck driver
  • Response

    A reported 724,444 admissions were recorded for the film in cinemas throughout Bulgaria in the 70s.

    There were the following publications:

  • Bulgarian Film Magazine, vol.6, 1975,p. 9 - by I. Ostrikov
  • Bulgarian Film Magazine, vol.8, 1975,p. 14/15 - by A. Svilenov
  • Film News Magazine, vol. 8-1975 - by A. Svilenov
  • New Films Magazine, vol.6-1975,p. 6/9 - by I. Akyov
  • FILM ART magazine, vol. 12,1975,p. 73 - by N. Rusev
  • Cinema Worker Magazine, vol.7-1979,p. 44/45 - by I. Hadzhiev
  • Awards

    FBFF Varna'76 (Festival for Bulgarian Featured Films)

  • Second Award for screenwriter Nikola Rusev, director Georgi K. Stoyanov and the actors Itzhak Fintzi and Stefan Mavrodiev
  • References

    A Cricket in the Ear Wikipedia
    A Cricket in the Ear (film) IMDb

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