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A Charlie Brown Celebration

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Genre  AnimationFamily
Written by  Charles M. Schulz
Initial release  1982
Number of episodes  1
Cast  Bill Melendez
Created by  Charles M. Schulz
Composer(s)  Ed BogasJudy Munsen
Network  CBS
Program creator  Charles M. Schulz
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Directed by  Bill MelendezPhil Roman (co-director)
Voices of  Casey CarlsonShannon CohnChristopher DonohoeKristen FullertonBrent HauerMichael MandyBill MelendezCindi ReilyEarl Reily
Followed by  Is This Goodbye, Charlie Brown?
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A Charlie Brown Celebration is the 23rd prime-time animated TV special based upon the popular comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz, who introduced the hour-long special. It was originally aired on the CBS network on May 24, 1982, and consists of a number of stories adapted from the comic strip. The special will be released for the first time on DVD by Warner Home Video on October 4, 2016, as a bonus special to Charlie Brown's All-Stars


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The formula used in this special, several stories with one or two-word titles, was later adapted for the Saturday morning CBS series, The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show, which started in 1983, and used in another special, It's an Adventure, Charlie Brown. A compilation of short stories also make up You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (both the stage musical and animated special), Snoopy!!! The Musical (both the stage musical and animated special), and Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales. Schulz first toyed with using vignettes in the 1973 special There's No Time for Love, Charlie Brown.

There are a number of storylines in this special:

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  • "School": Charlie Brown, Sally Brown, Lucy van Pelt, Linus van Pelt, and Schroeder are going to school. The others are going into third grade but Sally is going into first grade.
  • "Kite": Charlie Brown is flying a kite while Snoopy is resting, and Lucy and Linus are talking about Edgar Allan Poe.
  • "Charlie Brown's School Days": Charlie Brown, Linus, Sally, Peppermint Patty, and Franklin are going to school.
  • "Sally": Sally, Eudora, and Snoopy are at summer camp. Eudora teases Snoopy.
  • "Linus and Sally": Linus is reading his report on summer camp. Miss Othmar is horrified by references to queen snakes. Charlie Brown is worried because he studied the wrong chapter and Sally is refusing to draw a cow leg.
  • "Peppermint Patty": Peppermint Patty is having trouble in school and tries to find a private one to attend instead. Following Snoopy's advice, she goes to the Ace Obedience School and quickly graduates from it, not realizing that it is a dog school. The teacher and principal from Peppermint Patty's elementary school do not believe that she has already graduated. When the girl finds out what has happened, she ends up fighting the vicious cat next door, mistaking him for Snoopy.
  • "Linus": Linus and Sally are going on a field trip. Linus is reunited with Truffles. Sally and Truffles fight over Linus and he gets stuck on a farm roof. It is up to Snoopy and Woodstock to save him.
  • "Piano": Lucy annoys Schroeder while he is playing his piano. Lucy throws the piano down the sewer. Schroeder tries to get it back with Charlie Brown's help.
  • "Lucy": Lucy is very angry and feels she has nothing for which to be thankful. She wants Linus to get logs for the fireplace, playing jokes on him and talking about Abraham Lincoln while he fetches them.
  • "Peppermint Patty and Marcie": Marcie tries to make some baseball caps for Peppermint Patty's team.
  • "Charlie Brown": Charlie Brown gets Sick and goes to Hospital. Sally takes the opportunity to move into his room but Peppermint Patty, Marcie and Lucy are worried about him. Lucy promises that, if Charlie Brown gets better, she will never pull the football away from him again. Linus tells Charlie Brown's mother about this. When Charlie Brown recovers, Lucy is forced to go through with her promise. However, Charlie Brown misses the ball and kicks Lucy's hand.
  • Voice cast

    A Charlie Brown Celebration A charlie brown celebration DVD 1982

  • Michael Mandy- Charlie Brown
  • Kristen Fullerton- Lucy van Pelt
  • Earl Reily- Linus van Pelt
  • Cindi Reily- Sally Brown
  • Casey Carlson- Eudora/Truffles
  • Shannon Cohn- Marcie
  • Brent Hauer- Peppermint Patty
  • Christopher Donohoe- Schroeder/Franklin
  • Bill Melendez- Snoopy/Woodstock
  • Crew

  • Created by: Charles M. Schulz
  • Executive Producer: Walter Bien
  • Directed by: Bill Melendez
  • Produced by: Lee Mendelson, Bill Melendez
  • Written by: Charles M. Schulz
  • Co-Directed by: Phil Roman
  • Music by: Ed Bogas and Judy Munsen
  • Additional Music by: Joe Raposo
  • Orchestra Conducted by: Eric Rogers
  • Designed by: Bernard Gruver, Evert Brown
  • Background Color by: Dean Spille
  • Animation by: Sam Jaimes, Bill Littlejohn, Hank Smith, Dale Baer, Bob Carlson, Al Pabian, Fernando Gonzalez, Larry Leichliter, Utit Choomuang, Joe Roman
  • Checking: Carole Barnes, Eve Fletcher, Jane Gonzales
  • Ink and Paint Supervisor: Joanne Lansing
  • Ink and paint: Adele Lenart, Karin Stover, Karen Webb, Roubina Janian, Micky Kreymann, Chandra Poweris, Valerie Green, Lee Hoffman, Emalene Seutter, Joan Pabian
  • Editing: Chuck McCann, Roger Donley, Lovell Norman
  • Production Manager: Carole Barnes
  • Production Assistants: Sandy Claxton Arnold, Carol Neal, Jane Mason
  • Camera: Nick Vasu
  • Dubbing: Producers' Sound Service
  • Voice Recording: Music Annex, S.F.
  • Music Recording: Filmways/Wally Heider, S.F.
  • Color: TechnicolorĀ®
  • A Lee Mendelson-Bill Melendez Production
  • In association with: Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates and United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
  • THE END "A Charlie Brown Celebration" Ā© 1981 United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
  • Stock footage

    Scenes from this special recycles footage and ideas from There's No Time for Love, Charlie Brown and Play It Again, Charlie Brown.

    In The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show episode "Linus' Security Blanket" the footage scene where Charlie Brown and his kite get stuck in a tree is different but in You Can't Win, Charlie Brown the scene where Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and Linus are caught up with his kite in Snoopy's doghouse is the same thing.


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