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A Bright World

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Country of origin  China
No. of seasons  2
Number of seasons  2
Genres  Variety show, Talk show
Original language(s)  Standard Chinese
First episode date  16 April 2015
Language  Standard Mandarin
A Bright World FY A Bright World
Presented by  Peng Yu, Shen Ling, Liu Yan, Yu Shasha
Opening theme  Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon (season 2)
Ending theme  Back For You by One Direction (season 1) Your Makeup Is Terrible by Alaska (season 2)
Similar  Variety show, Non Summit, Raid the Cage, Informal Talks, If You Are the One

A bright world patrick koellmer

A Bright World (Chinese: 世界青年说; pinyin: shìjiè qīngnián shuō) is a Chinese talk show based on the popular South Korean talk show Non-Summit. It airs on Jiangsu Television on Thursday at 22:00 beginning April 16, 2015. The show hosts a panel of foreigners living in China, holding discussions in Mandarin on various topics and issues. The atmosphere is meant to emulate a meeting of world leaders, but presented with humor.


A Bright World FY A Bright World

The panel consists of a “Secretary General" (Chinese: 秘书长; pinyin: Mìshūzhǎng), a "Vice Secretary General" (Chinese: 副秘书长; pinyin: Fù mìshūzhǎng), and 11 "representatives" from different countries known as TK11. In Season 1, there were 11 TK11 representatives. In Season 2, there are 16 TK11 representatives. Every episode 11 of them sit in the middle, and the other 5 sit in the audience area.

A Bright World FY A Bright World

South Korean shows

Non-summit is the original show.

In 2015, a Non-summit spin-off aired.

Turkish franchise

A Bright World FY A Bright World

In 2014, atv purchased the rights for a Turkish adaptation of Non-Summit, titled Elİn Oğlu, which premiered on 21 March 2015.

Chinese franchises

A Bright World Abnormal Summit G12 vs A Bright World TK11 KPOP KFANS

Informal Talks (非正式会谈) is a Chinese adaptation of Non-Summit, broadcast on Hubei Television. It began its second season in December, 2015.

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A Bright World Video A Bright World Episode 5 Abnormal Summit
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