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Aşik Sümmani

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Name  Asik Summani

A ik s mmani a ik enli k kar ila masi 1

Aşik Sümmani (1861 - 1915) was an Aşik of Narman/Erzurum/Turkey. The name "Sümmani" means, "the last one" or "the one who completes" and "a very hard rock stone". His works comprise a wide range from works in hece-form: kosma, semai, destan and works in aruz-form: divani, musammat, gazel, müstezat.


Aşik Sümmani Ak Smmani Kimdir Bilgiustam

The most special to know about Sümmani is his uslub (the form of pronunciation, shortened in Turkish to dil, meaning 'tongue'), which makes him and his lyrics extremely popular.

Aşik Sümmani Ak Smmani Kimdir Bilgiustam

According to legend, Sümmani was in love with Gülperi (princess of the legendary land of Badesah, possibly in current Uzbekistan) whom he has been searching for all his life.

Aşik Sümmani Ak Smmani Ervah ezelde Levhi kalemde zlesenecom

He himself repeals as following:

Sebavetten beri bir yol gözlerim. from early morning - from my childhood on I am looking on this special path. El zanneder uzaklarda kalan var. but the others think - there is (a beauty) someone waiting in the far/distance. Aşik Sümmani Ak Smmani Okur Yazar

A ik s mmani yar beni beni

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Aşik Sümmani


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