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98th Air Brigade

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Country  Serbia
Size  Brigade
Type  Air Base
98th Air Brigade
Active  June 13, 2007 – current
Branch  Serbian Air Force and Air Defense
Role  Aerial support, Air reconnaissance, Fire support and Transport

The 98th Air Base (Serbian: 98. Bаздухопловна бригада, 98. Vazduhoplovna brigada) is a second air base of Serbian Air Force and Air Defense. It is the permanent base for Serbia's attack aviation and anti-tank helicopters.



The 98th Air Brigade was formed on 13 June 2007 formed as successor of 98th fighter-bomber aviation regiment of ex Yugoslav and Serbia and Montenegro air force. It is created from the former 161st air base (military part of Niš Airport), 265th air base (Kraljevo-Lađevci Airport) and their ground support units, 98th fighter aviation regiment, 119th Helicopter Regiment, part of 677th transport aviation squadron and one part of 353rd reconnaissance squadron. Part of 677th transport aviation squadron, 712th anti-armored helicopter squadron and 787th helicopter squadron are now 119th Mixed Helicopter Squadron, and part of 353rd reconnaissance squadron unit is now 2nd Reconnaissance Aviation Section, while the 241st Fighter-Bomber-Aviation Squadron and 714th Anti-Armored Helicopter Squadron remained as are.

Organization and Structure

The 98th Air Brigade is joint tactical air force unit whose basic organization structure consists of modular units of squadron and battalion size. Most of its units are located at Lađevci Air Base, while a few units (119. Combined-Arms Helicopter Squadron and 161. Air Base Security Battalion) are located at military part of Niš Airport. The Ponikve Airport is also part of 98th Air Brigade, used as auxiliary airport, as there are no units located at the airport except security personnel.

  • 241st Fighter-Bomber Squadron
  • 714th Anti Armor Helicopter Squadron
  • 119th Mixed Helicopter Squadron
  • 98th Air Defence Artillery Missile Battalion
  • 161st Air Base Security Battalion
  • 98th Airfield Security Battalion
  • 98th Air Technical Battalion
  • Tasks

    In peace time, 98th Air Brigade units perform the following tasks:

  • deterring aggressions by deploying Air Force and prevention of surprise attacks;
  • aerial reconnaissance;
  • air transport;
  • participation in peace keeping operations and in international military cooperation;
  • providing support to civil authorities in case of natural disasters, industrial and other accidents and epidemics;
  • providing support to civil authorities in countering terrorism and organized crime;
  • and in war time, 98th Air Brigade units perform the following tasks:

  • aerial firing support;
  • air defense of the air base;
  • aerial reconnaissance;
  • aerial transport.
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