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966th Air Expeditionary Squadron

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Active  2009–present
966th Air Expeditionary Squadron
Branch  United States Air Force
Type  Combat & Combat Support
Role  Joint Expeditionary Tasked (JET) Airmen
Part of  U.S. Air Force Squadron
Garrison/HQ  Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

The 955th Air Expeditionary Squadron of the United States Air Force performs administrative and operational control of Joint Expeditionary Tasking and Individual Augmentee Airmen in Afghanistan. The 955 AES is assigned to the 455th Air Expeditionary Group (AEG).



The Air Force set up Air Expeditionary Squadrons (AES) to provide Administrative Control (ADCON) and Expeditionary Combat Support to its Airmen assigned to fight in battle with Joint and Army units.


The 955 AES is headquartered at Bagram Airfield (BAF). BAF is a militarized airport and housing complex located next to the ancient mile-high city of Bagram in the Parwan Province of Afghanistan. The base is run by an Army division headed by a two-star general. All the Joint Expeditionary Tasked (JET) and Individual Augmenteer (IA) Airmen assigned to Northern and Eastern Afghanistan are ADCON to the 955 AES. This includes over 510 Airmen at BAF and 400 more at 70 combat outposts and bases.

The "Air" in Airpower represents Airman, not just aircraft. Airmen are an important part of the Air Force’s contribution to the Joint mission in Afghanistan. The Air Force has delegated Tactical Control (TACON) over some of its Airmen in critical support billets to a Joint supervisor who may be from any branch of military service. But the Air Force retains ADCON over its Airmen. The Air Force lends its Airmen's skills, talents and temporary service to the Joint team, but Airmen still work for an Air Force Squadron: the 966AES is that squadron for those Airmen in Regional Command-East and Regional Command-North.

The 955th Air Expeditionary Squadron (955 AES), activated 5 May 2009, was redisgnated the 966th AES in November 2010. The 766th Air Expeditionary Squadron (766 AES) was moved from Forward Operating Base Sharana and inactivated on 23 March 2011; its mission was folded into the 966 AES.


Current and prior commanders

  • Lt Col William E. (Billy) Wade, USAF (May 2009 - May 2010) (955 AES Commander)
  • Lt Col Kenneth B. Bowling, USAF (May 2010 - March 2011) (955 AES & 966 AES Commander)
  • Lt Col Jeffrey A. Collins, USAF (March 2011 – Dec 2011) (766 AES & 966 AES Commander)
  • Lt Col Thomas G. Single, USAF (Dec 2011 - Nov 2012)
  • Lt Col William Rondeau, USAF (Nov 12 - Nov 13)
  • Lt Col Peter Janyska, USAF (Nov 13 - Oct 14)
  • Lt Col Thomas S. Shields, USAF (Oct 14 - Oct 15)
  • Lt Col Monique L. Farness, USAF (Oct 15 - Present)
  • Unit Locations

  • Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan (2009–2014)
  • JTOC Record

    Lt Col Richard Goodman II sustained a continuous JTOC connection for 58:43 minutes on 28 Jun 2014


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