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965th Airborne Air Control Squadron

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Country  United States
Garrison/HQ  Tinker Air Force Base
965th Airborne Air Control Squadron

Active  16 February 1943 - 1 May 1944 3 September 1944 - 3 November 1945 8 August 1955 - 30 June 1971 1 July 1978 - Present
Branch  United States Air Force
Type  Airborne Command and Control
Part of  Air Combat Command 12th Air Force 552d Air Control Wing 552d Operations Group

The 965th Airborne Air Control Squadron (965 AACS) is part of the 552d Air Control Wing at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. It operates the E-3 Sentry aircraft conducting airborne command and control missions.



Provide the Combat Air Force with airborne systems and personnel for surveillance, warning and control of strategic, tactical, and special mission forces.


During World War II the squadron was an operational training unit from, March–August 1943 and conducted replacement training from, August 1943–May 1944. After a brief inactivation it flew evacuation missions and provided light transport services for ground forces in Burma from, 6 October 1944–23 April 1945.

The 965th flew long range surveillance, late 1950s and rotated aircrews to Southeast Asia from, c. 4 April 1965–c. June 1971. It flew combat support missions over Panama from, 20 December 1989–24 January 1990 and in Southwest Asia from, 17 January–6 March 1991.


  • World War II
  • Vietnam War
  • Operation Just Cause
  • Operation Desert Storm
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Counter Drug Operations
  • Lineage

  • 595th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (1943–1944)
  • 165th Liaison Squadron (Commando) (1944–1955)
  • 965th Airborne Early Warning and Control Squadron (1955–1978)
  • 965th Airborne Warning and Control Squadron (1977–1994)
  • 965th Airborne Air Control Squadron (1994–Present)
  • Assignments

  • 396th Bombardment Group (1943–1944)
  • 1st Air Commando Group (1944–1945)
  • 552d Airborne Early Warning and Control Wing (1955–1971)
  • 552d Air Control Wing (1978–Present)
  • Aircraft Operated

  • B-17 Flying Fortress (1943–1944)
  • C-64 Norseman (1944–1945)
  • L-5 Sentinel (1944–1945)
  • RC-121 (1955–1963)
  • EC-121 Warning Star (1963–1971)
  • E-3 Sentry (1978–1979, 1984–Present)
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