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9 centimeter band

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9-centimeter band

The 9-centimeter band is a portion of the SHF (microwave) radio spectrum internationally allocated to amateur radio and amateur satellite use. The amateur radio band, in ITU regions 1 and 2, is between 3,300 MHz and 3,500 MHz, and it is available only on a secondary basis. The amateur satellite band is between 3,400 MHz and 3,410 MHz, and it is only available in ITU Regions 1 and 2, on a non-interference basis to other users (ITU footnote 5.282). In Germany and Israel, the band 3,400 - 3,475 MHz is also allocated to the amateur service on a secondary basis (ITU footnote 5.431).


In CEPT's "European Common Allocation Table", footnote EU17 allocates 3,400 MHz to 3,410 MHz to European amateurs on a secondary basis.

List of notable frequencies

  • 3,400.1 MHz IARU Region-1 Calling frequency and Global EME center of activity
  • 3,456.1 MHz IARU Region 2 Calling Frequency
  • Radio Astronomy

    3,332 - 3,339 MHz and 3345.8 - 3352.5 MHz are used by radio astronomers for spectral line observations. Amateur stations voluntarily avoid using these frequencies when in geographic proximity to a radio telescope. ITU footnote 5.149 encourages all radio communications in the band to take practical steps to avoid harmful interference to radio astronomy observations in those frequency ranges.


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